8 thoughts on “02.0×002”

  1. I know very little about what exactly women do with their faces, but I’ve never figured out panel 4 here. In the first 2 panels she gave the strong impression of having a black and swollen eye — and then she peels it off? Perhaps some kind person can enlighten me.

    1. I believe it’s stage make-up. At the start of the page (with the lead-in) I was thinking she got beat up and was trying to cover it up. But with the “peel” effect I’m thinking she’s taking make-up off.

    2. There’s a bit on the fan art page which gives a better picture of what’s going on, and I think there might be a billboard somewhere in the strip for the brand of makeup she’s using — she’s holding the case in the third panel.

      “Shiner: Beautiful Damage”

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