Discussion (20)¬

  1. Tetsaiga says:

    Gah! that was interesting… i hit next, and BAM! that in my face.

  2. Desdemonya says:

    I *love* her. She’s so cool.

  3. YourConscience says:

    Interesting. German weaponry for sale… rather old german weaponry at that.

  4. Nojh says:

    There is something indescribably appealing about Ray. And no her boobs are describable.

  5. HappyAbomination says:

    I’m a gay man and I would do Ray in a heartbeat lol. She’s just so fuggin awesome!

  6. glenchild says:

    Ray is an awesome character, but I think she’d terrify me in real life.

  7. Sushi nabah says:

    not liking Raygun. tho i bet she gets better. as most unliked characters of mine i learn to respect the art of them with out them the story sucks.

  8. BangladeshCrunch says:

    She must be a chubby chaser’s wetdream.

  9. ZiggySkyedust says:

    Heh. My dad’s name is Reagan, his high-school nickname was Ray-Gun. It’s written in his yearbooks.

  10. AgoristDissenter says:

    Confirmed: she is indeed a chubby chaser’s wet dream. ;-0

  11. tomato smith says:

    shes the spitting image of my ex. personality and everything. even she agrees.

  12. Lurkily says:

    Woooo, some unusual guns here! I see a pepperpot, and a squeeze-pistol here, for starters. The Luger is, well, it’s a gun, and I can’t identify anything else. But those two are things you don’t see anywhere except in history, particularly the squeeze. That’s a rare cookie.

  13. Head_Shot says:

    Scary thing is, I have a friend almost exactly like Ray, just swap in some curly red hair and switch the cig for gum and there you have it!!

  14. Night-Gaunt says:

    A parallel chock full of the familiar interlaced with the strange—excellent!

  15. dopethrone says:


  16. BD says:

    Booze, guns, porn. Nothing bad can come of this combination. Just have to be careful what you shoot off, and where, is all.

  17. xero says:

    dude i wanna look at some of those popguns