Discussion (5)¬

  1. Alice Quinn says:

    This page captures the moment so well
    ^^ I am really enjoying this!

  2. Danny Boy (London Derriere) says:

    Cool linguistic technic — having Ray tell him the spelling serves also to tell US the pronunciation. It must be sounded with a /k/ else there would be no reason to tell Ben it’s not spelled that way.

    • LeVar says:

      There is only one way to pronounce Scipio (or rather, only one way to properly pronounce Scipio), so I’m not sure if the pronounciation is the point.

      • Ekleday says:

        Lemme tell ya that any bozo that snored through that part of his English education or maybe a foreigner that has never once gotten a challenging English class (like me) would pronounce it “see-pee-oh” as soon as they read it.

      • sosusk says:

        and don’t forget the italianized pronounciation where -ci- would sound like -chi-