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    1. Why disgusting? All animals are covered in an invisible spray of micro-organisims, not including the ones thriving in every warm and humid nook and cranny – including humans. So if the chicken is Clean, its probably just as clean as the filthy humans in the room. :)

  1. Why does scip have a swastika on his shirt? it it a reference to the swastika’s real meaning, or are the Nazi’s good guys in this reality?

      1. I think the swastika was originally a symbol for the Eternal Return, the idea that time is cyclical, not linear. It’s a popular idea even now in some circles, ‘cept that heat death kinda gets in the way.

    1. The traditional swastika can face either direction, but the Nazi swastika always faces the opposite direction from the one on his shirt.

    2. along with all the other answers you’ve gotten, it’s also a hindu symbol. the nazis had it second. or third, for that matter.

    3. Yeah, Nazis kinda messed that one up for the world. Buddhists are still arguing whether or not they can modify it somehow to try and remove the connotation.

  2. the shape of the swastika is actually a Hindu holy symbol and Siddhartha Gautama was Hindu before he founded Buddhism so maybe some symbols transfered

    1. The symbol gained prominence in Germany in the 19th century as a good-luck charm. The Nazis adopted and made it a signature of Nazi Germany.

  3. I would say that the flame in the center is the flame in all of us. The divine fire. The swastika, like many other symbols is universal. Still used extensively in Asia today. The Red Swastika society functions like the Red Cross, Red Crescent etc does in the rest of the world.

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