Discussion (10)¬

  1. enjoyradio says:

    The sound effects here are perfect…particularly “sculpt”.

  2. Boosta82 says:

    Obese AND insane. What a combo. Ooh, and don’t forget – no manners WHAT-SO-EVER!
    Imagine bringing her home to your parents. Ooh, look at all the buildings going up in flames!

    • coldheart7 says:

      she’s not obese, maybe a tad overweight, a little, but not obese.

      • Ekleday says:

        I believe big is the correct term. BBW. She’s definitely a tad obese though – a few pages back you could see them walk past the street and she was sporting a beer gut that would make most of the regulars at your local bar seem like Hercules.

  3. false_angel says:

    gotta lurv her though!!! she is my fav charater!!

  4. Josph says:

    Reagan scares me.. alot

  5. Jenny Creed says:

    I’d have gone with “PRISON friends” here. But I’ve been watching a lot of prison drama.

    Still funny. :3

  6. E.T. the Eccentric Type says:

    And THAT’S her personality. Mold people to suit her needs.

  7. Head_Shot says:

    …..I think I’m in love

  8. Duccello says:

    I just feel the need to say that this is one of my favorite comic pages of all time.