Discussion (9)¬

  1. fishgul69 says:

    love that quote, “never seen so many people work so hard at bein’ so fuckin’ STUPID.”

  2. Rabbit says:

    They’ll do Latin at you! RUN AWAY FAST!

    I’ve been waiting through so many chapters to find out just what Pastimes are. D:

    • DrDarkheart says:

      I imagine they’re prostitutes.

    • Scott's Folly says:

      Would they not be the two ladies in Victorian-era dress sharing fast food on the previous page? “Pastimes”, as in ‘past times’, as in second-hand nostalgia for a finer era of style and behaviour.

  3. Honor says:

    I was thinking anachronists…

  4. Kysec says:

    I ♥ Reagan!!!!

  5. Night-Gaunt says:

    More seriously good dialog to remember, “Never seen so many working so hard to be stupid” is a gem.

  6. xero says:

    i’m legitimately surprised the occupy movement didn’t become reclamation it seems like a really logical evolution

    i mean seriously this series popped into my head when that whole thing started