Discussion (8)¬

  1. Niterain says:

    What was the recipe for this sandwich again? Sandwich of the Damned, was it?

  2. raptortech97 says:

    WAY too Christian,or at least monotheistic. I’m leaving.

  3. Yes Raptortech- this is a very Pro-Christian comic. It has a right wing Christian agenda. good thing you caught on before you got mind-wiped.

  4. Pearle says:

    Corned beef, horseradish and maple syrup on two waffles, I think. Pickle juice to drink.

  5. C.McCauley says:

    He was likely kidding. If not I wonder how he gets past the day by day with people using phrases like, “I swear to god” all the time without losing it completely.

  6. Jason Thorn says:

    Jeez, I guess ol’ Raptor hasn’t read through the whole thing yet.

    Besides, where would he get that idea? Must have been projecting or something.

    • Pi says:

      Yeah seriously, there are plenty of religions in Templar. I guess all the usage of “God” and “Christ” and “Hell” when Ben’s boss is chewing him out? Still a dumb reason to assume this story will address only one religion though.