Elliott James "EJ" Adair.
Elliott Arnold "Biggs" Bigelow.

Elliott: Variant of Hebrew, "The Lord is my God".

Reliant on one another to the point of clinical co-dependency, the Elliotts are opportunistic drifters, wearing out their welcome in shelter after shelter and keeping no one's company outside their own.

EJ is the younger of the two. Emotionally unstable, sexually inappropriate, and quick to resort to blackmail and violence, he is the driving force behind the partnership. His friend, focus, and perpetual preoccupation is Biggs, an aging heroin addict with a problematic past. Biggs tolerates EJ's attention with irritation, contempt, and what little grudging appreciation EJ might occasionally earn.

Both are named Elliott and are known collectively as "The Elliotts," but neither regularly uses their given name.

First Appearance
Biggs: Chapter 2 Intermission: Meet the Elliotts, page 3.
EJ: Chapter 2 Intermission: Meet the Elliotts, page 7.