Chapter 6: Creative Fiction, Page 10.

Chapter 6: Creative Fiction, Page 10.

Hello, old friend.

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  1. Brigid Keely says:

    scip’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

  2. zomg says:


  3. McThag says:

    Woo HOOOO!

  4. Jen Aside says:


  5. freshelfpie says:

    Almost gave up and made space for something else on my RSS feed. Thanks for the update, keep them coming please! Love this story.

  6. Wood says:

    Driving ? Does Scip know how to drive ?

  7. Far says:

    I knew this was coming from your twitter feed but I am STILL SO STOKED.

    • Kitts says:

      I saw the hints on twitter, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I told myself, “nah, it’s probably some other comic project of Spike’s…”

  8. lilylilymine says:


  9. Felix says:


  10. atomic says:

    i’ve missed these little pissbabies

  11. semi says:

    Scip’s face in the first panel.

  12. pencilears says:

    it’s so beautiful!!

  13. Synfony says:

    Hooray! Thank you!

  14. Indiginousdan says:

    Huh. Have you adjusted Scip’s face a bit, or is it just general art evolution? I see he’s picked up some freckles, and the jaw is a little different. Hooray for new stuff! :D

    • Casey says:

      I see freckles on Scip on the cover for book 4, so I’m guessing they come and go depending on the level of detail for any specific page.

  15. M says:

    Checked this today on a whim, knowing there would be nothing.

    I said, out loud, “WHAT? NO…. HOLY SHIT.”

    Hopefully Templar is back and staying back.

  16. deadasdisco says:

    Ahhh, good to be home.

    BTW, love the way these two get each other and can argue without saying anything. Almost like twin-speak. They’ve obviously known each other for a long, long time.

  17. Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying) says:

    woo…couldn’t hold my breath much longer. Oh that face, boy is he PO’d.

  18. Mal Adapted says:

    I knew there was a reason to check this comic every day!

  19. bbullock says:

    So happy, right now. Thank you, Spike!

  20. brainybear says:

    *wriggling with happiness to see these two again!*

  21. anon314 says:

    :D Welcome back Spike!

  22. Weirdling says:

    I know you’ve been busy, but holy hot damn! Thank you so much. I love your art, your characters, and this whole, damned, dysfunctional cast. This…this has made my day.

  23. aboulic says:

    hello old friend indeed.

    To quote Rosabella Gregory, “it’s a pleasure when an old friend reappears”

  24. Basking says:

    Spike, y u no get patreon and make Templar all the time?

  25. Alexander The So So says:

    A wild Templar Page appears! It uses Angry Scip. It’s super effective!

  26. Fann says:

    Aaaaah, you’re not dead! Are you ok? Is it good things that’s kept you gone? I have all your books and I wanna see the end of this, so don’t go too far!

  27. jimbo says:

    This . . . this made my day. My week.

  28. coldfrog says:

    This + Achewood = a good year

  29. okeeffeme says:

    Hello, welcome home.

  30. il biggo says:

    Hello, Spike. Hope whatever was keeping you from updating is gone. Unless it was a good thing, in which case I hope it stays while leaving you a little more time for T.AZ ^_^

  31. leslie says:

    i so want to know what happened when scip made that face.

  32. DreamDateLenin says:

    Oh thank God. I was keeping hope alive for Templar. Thank you Spike, I adore your work!

  33. TR says:

    Hot Ziggity-Dang!!!!!

    Yay! Skip + Reagan + all of them are back!


  34. Bob W. says:

    Best. Christmas. Present. EVER.

    OK, this year….but still! Woo!

  35. What’s going to happen now? :s

  36. Yobar says:

    Cool! Honestly, first time back since I don’t know when. I’ll move this back up the bookmark queue.