32 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Cover.”

    1. That tends to happen when they find someone covered in two different kinds of blood and eye juice on his hands… though he could also be in a psychiatric ward, for all we know. Probably more likely.

    1. The impression I’m under is that he’s off his meds and now he’s going to act how he is when he’s not medicated. I have a very strong feeling he has some sort of personality disorder.

      1. Like the nice Ben we’ve known up until this point isn’t the “real” Ben, and we got a glimpse of the “real” Ben when he was beating the shit out of EJ.

  1. ummm, high security psych ward??? D:
    I hope not, but window bars + hospital bracelet + vague hints about Ben’s mental health care miiight = … psych hospital.

  2. Looks like we’re in for full-color from here on. Any possibility that this might take longer to post than sepia-colored pages? Either way, new TAZ is worth the wait.

      1. Don’t be too surprised, but she tweeted three days ago that all future non-intermission Templar will be in full color.

        Shit just got real, son.

  3. Isnt it obvious? If he’s in hospital, in Templar still, then he’s not at home taking his secret medication. Real Ben is unmedicated Ben. – wait. Some guy already said all this. Y’all shoulda listened to him already.

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