20 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Intermission, page 12.”

  1. And suddenly Sunny acquiesces. He’s known Mose quite a long time, and probably knows when it might actually be futile to resist (or more hassle than going along). I bet Mose can be pretty persistent when he feels it’s important.

    1. I imagine that, if it was important enough and he was resisting enough, Moze could just give Sunny a big old bear hug and walk out. In fact, I imagine that hand on his shoulder in the second panel being that kind of hand that you can’t shake off, ever.

      1. I get the feeling Moze can be like a personal force of nature when he has to be. His laissez-faire attitude may also mean that he can be calm with Sunny’s having his hourly snit-fits, and when Moze actually INSISTS on something, Sunny realizes it’s serious.

        Not the worst attitude to have, though…

        1. It was Moze who “did something” to save Gene when Emma left. If Moze can deal with the Jakeskin he can deal with an angry Sunny anytime. Especially since it seems rather ususal that Sunny sees his ex’ s show and has to be dragged away.

  2. Oh dear. Sunny is too busy being aggravated to notice the gravity of the situation. Moze’s lack of a smile and quietly insistent manner should be tipping him off that something is potentially seriously wrong.

    1. No. He sees it. He’s fully aware. He’s agreeing to go talk to Bo.

      He’s just really, really angry about it.

  3. That’s a well practiced move on Moze’s part. The absolute calm wall of “You will” that Sunny can throw himself against all he wants, but it’ll still be there…after a while, he has to give up. Which he’s done. :)

    1. If you look at the last panel Moze’s ram is reaching down and towards Sunny’s so I suspect he already has a grip on Sunny’s lower arm or wrist. I’m also betting that the only way Sunny is gooing to get it free without going with Moze is to chew it off.

        1. Nah, that’s still angry. It’s just the general angriness, as he knows his anger won’t have any effect on Moze.

  4. Does it make me a terrible person if, before this is over, I really REALLY want to see Sunny kick the wheelchair guy’s ass?

    1. No way, man, I want to know ADB’s backstory. Maybe he’s the guy that Eric the Red messed up, that Sunny used to play Diesel with? Maybe he’s a totally different dude? Either way, any guy who’s cool pushing the buttons of the perennially angry violent offender is a guy I want to know more about.

    2. That’s not a bad thing at all. There is a particular young man in my small hometown who uses his wheelchair as carte-blanche to engage in asshole behaviors. He is overtly rude, foulmouthed and generally has a chip on his shoulder. I know of one occasion where he verbally goaded a man into attacking him in front of a convenience store. When another man stepped in to protect the guy in the chair, the angry one proceeded to beat the good samaritan nearly to death, no exaggeration. Wheelchair guy sat there and watched and laughed and taunted. Life in a chair doesn’t mean a guy’s a saint, or even that he doesn’t occasionally warrant a good kicking.

  5. I love panel 2 so very, very much. The different energy coming off the two characters, the facial expressions, the composition… wah.

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