21 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Intermission, page 8.”

    1. She doesn’t seem to get along well with either Bo or his dog, though, and it looks like he’s having fun trying to keep them separated.

      1. This is so true it’s scary. I’ve yet to meet a cat-sized dog (not to mention smaller) that wasn’t a neurotic serial killer in the making, hindered only just by physical limitations.

        1. That’s because small dogs can get away with it.

          Such homicidal maniac tendencies have largely been bred out of the larger breeds (or never bred into them). If a labrador or rottweiler or other large breed acted the way the average teacup poodle does, it would be off to the pound for the big sleep in short order.

          Of course the way most small breeds get raised as surrogate infants instead of as… well… dogs doesn’t help them much.

    1. It’s not like a lot of good ol’-timey tunes I’ve heard, either. Goodness me, it’s so…modern. (Actually, maybe it’s closer to post-post-post-modern, but who’s really keeping track?)

  1. So, based on the silhouette, and the title page for this intermission, I’m guessing the lead singer is Sunny’s ex (from the Exes comic).

    1. I’m thinkin’ Sunny’s ex is a good deal curvier, and her specialty is diesel.

      Not that she couldn’t also be rockin’ the fuck out….

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