35 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Intermission, page 3.”

  1. He’s Bo, who has always been talked about but never there, the fourth member of Borndown. Apparently he likes to get aids and plant flags, and have a very creepifying face.

  2. Jesus, your dialogue is so good it makes me aroused sometimes. Like I want to climb up on the desk and dry-hump the page. In a literary way.

      1. Oh, sure. Guys with poor dental health do it NASTY for everyone. (Sigh.) Gimme good med/dent benefits and a date with an oral hygienist any day. …Or a model. …Or sumfin’.

        1. Less about dental health than orthodontics. Most people’s teeth don’t grow in straight and perfect (which I find kinda creepy itself). Mine may not all be straight, but I keep ’em clean!

    1. Slam, bam…what scares me most is…just how illiterate and raving is this dood, anyways? To be honest, I thought the bug eyes were the best part. Gives the poor thing character.

  3. So what kind of dog is the little one, a pug? And another lttle universe tidbit, the Jakes were created during the Depression era. I bet they have Okie roots.

      1. True but so far the timeline has been altered only in small ways so unless Word of Spike says otherwise that’s what I’ll assume. Besides the Jakes having Okie roots definitely seems likely from their general behavior.

    1. Plant flags as in colonial explorers, or arctic adventurers and so forth. To be first to an area, to stake a claim.

      In context; to have sex with new women, particularly virgins.

    2. It’s a euphemism for deflowering virgins. A while back regan used it when she was talking to Scipio about needing to get Zora away from Bo before she hits puberty, bc Bo likes to plant flags (like how people who plant flags to claim territory).

    1. *nods* That’s what I said last time…talk about “dark, apocalyptic” etc. Apparently he at least takes things from visions and/or sermons (if the Jakes have those) and puts them in the songs, so…maybe? Wish I could see.

      Also…”Red Angels”? Anyone who pays better attention than I do remember those in the Jakeskin stuff?

      P.S.: I -really- love the Jakeskins (in a fascinated, watching-a-train-wreck sort of way). ;)

        1. Awesome, thanks! I totally missed that. I am totally fascinated by the creative process here. Spike, would you mind a lot if I opened your brain up and took a look? Just a tiny peek, I promise. I’ll wash it off when I’m done with it!

          1. Whatever you do…DON’T wash it off! I for one like her writing/world/mind gritty, grimy and just a little dirty like it is!

  4. “Red Angels” sounds like some kind of liturgical chorus, maybe a parallel to the chorus from Greek drama. At least in this world (if I remember correctly), they had a group of people that played a role as a separate character, en masse, and would have lines that they all spoke as one. Not sure if I have this right.

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