23 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Intermission, page 2.”

      1. The better question is what can’t gene play? Though I suspect Guitar in this case.

        I’m more surprised he’s the vocalist. For some reason, I never pegged him as any good at singing. Though he probably never has to rehearse (though I figure he does anyway just cause he likes it).

          1. Based on everything else Gene though, if it’s music related, and he does it, he’s amazing at it.

  1. HEY. HEY. The mysterious figures normally splattered on the sides of buildings- there’s one inked on this fellow’s neck.

    Out of every twist in this comic this has me stamping the floor more than anything else. What the devil are they?

  2. Maybe Gene sings the things he sees for the Jakes? That’d be darkly apocalyptic, for sure. Also, voice is technically an instrument too, isn’t it? So of course he’d be good at it. ;)

  3. I’m pretty bad at catching this stuff, so I’ll just ask. Is this the first time we’ve heard Gene’s last name? I don’t remember it before now, but I’d feel a little surprised if it wasn’t.

  4. Is it just me, or does the tattoo on Bo’s(?) neck look like the mysterious figure stains we’ve been seeing on walls throughout Templar?

  5. Anyone else notice the tattoo on his neck? It’s like those things on the walls we keep seeing, with a ribbon across it. I hope we find out what it means soon…

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