Chapter 5: Lit, page 115.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 115.

Wait, who’s that?

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  1. Yu Huo says:

    Are they stalking Ben? If they do something bad to him, I’m going to crawl into your comic and smack them.

  2. Kylogram says:

    Well this is a turn of events, wholly unexpected.

  3. Cyanmanta says:

    Unless that’s a voice inside her own head… and I’m not discounting that possibility yet…

  4. Abandon says:

    You know who we haven’t seen in a while? Ben’s riot-painted Cook friend…

    I have no idea why I think that’s them off panel but I’m stickin’ to my guns!

    • EatBooks says:

      That was actually my first thought, too…

    • Bellar says:

      oh man, you might be right!

      Ben. What have you been writing about in those copy books? How much trouble are you in Ben?

      • kagato23 says:

        Probably not much. They more likely then not like him, remember? And he frankly doesn’t have enough info on them to actually write something endangering about them “Some guy I don’t know with features I can’t be sure are real was in my place.” that’s damning stuff right there.

        Plus, I think her crush is legit. The look of joy a few pages back is not the joy a hunter gets when they found prey to bring down.

        • WhoTookThatty says:

          he did see the guy without his beard, though. he knows what he looks like.

          • kagato23 says:

            He knows what he might look like. Maybe he had another mask on. Maybe that was a fake hair color. There’s a lot of leeway when you know a person is practicing deception. And more then that, since he can disguise himself, even knowing what he really looks like isn’t that useful.

            Maybe if he was pointing him out in a lineup… but good writer or not Ben probably can’t/isn’t going to describe this guy so well it’d be considered a threat to the cooks.

      • George Spelvin says:

        If memory serves (and I am WAY too busy to search the archives looking for confirmation), when Reagan asked how Ben got a copy book out so fast Ben told her the Cook story was mostly already written but rejected by his editor for being “obviously fake”.

    • t3h fake says:

      It’s because of all of the deception and acrobatics. Probably really Mesmer though. But hee could be of the cooks. He seems to enjoy conflict.

  5. Jonboy says:

    Damnit! Abandon got there first. She’s with the cooks.

  6. Casey says:

    Next page reveals that Patty is talking to Ben’s adoptive parents, who have tracked him to Templar…dun dun DUN!

  7. Jason Thorn says:

    Only one thing to say…WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?

  8. norm says:

    She’s a spy!!!! But for whom? The Cook Family? His family? *Gene’s* family (oh oh) … ?

    • Alan says:

      I don’t think it’s the Jakes – they wouldn’t use spies. Not that they’re too dumb for it, just that I don’t think they’d bother with it. The Cooks seem far more likely. Remember, the Cooks do their business in costume, and we’ve only seen one (that we know of) with his costume off.

      There’s one thing, though… Patti’s not looking at whoever she’s talking to like a friend, or a family member, or an equal. If anything, she’s just as star-struck when she saw Ben. She might be working FOR someone, but I don’t think she’s working WITH them, knowaimsayin?

  9. tias says:

    Oh man, yeah I was thinking Patti was working with the Cooks.

    Makes me like her a LOT less because god I hated the Cooks.

  10. M says:

    hated the cooks? but why? they were cool as

    sheesh some people

    • tias says:

      A violent group who attacks public demonstrations is cool?

      Oh, okay then.

      • tEd:P says:

        I have the impression (possibly mistaken) that they are largely target-agnostic, just Urban-rooted anarchists stirring shit up *wherever* the opportunity presents itself, like meatspace griefers asserting that _everybody_ needs to get over themselves even IRL. Arguably a more affluent, whimsical, and secretive reflection of the Jakes, in fact. But their philosophy need not constrain pragmatism: The Cooks could well have been performing mercenary services on behalf of the Oarlock…

  11. Thomas Maher says:

    I think the parents (or at least his doctor) have found him. The Cooks already know where he lives.

  12. Palomides says:

    the secret ben fanclub, obviously

  13. Linda says:

    Obviously it’s the Ben fan Club.
    They even have a secret handshake. Secret password (spoiler!): short, young, asian, glasses.
    OMG, guys! What do i have to do to get in?

  14. C. Mage says:

    I’m thinking Ben may have his own cult of personality…

  15. Erin says:

    Clearly she’s talking to Morgan and they’re plotting to kidnap Ben for a life of sexual servitude —

    No wait, it’s BASH!

    ….. yeah, I got nothing.

  16. pencilears says:

    oh shit Benny, Cooks, ya got cooks on yer tail.

  17. Keith says:

    hmm, I do believe the family he ditched has found him and that nice young lady just got the jackpot. Or amy I wrong again?

  18. tEd:P says:

    Hm, I could be misunderstanding the narrative ambitions here and/or Just How Loooooooooong-Form this is intended to be, but it *feels* like we’ve met everybody so far Just Enough for introduction and character exposition. Like we’re still essentially in Prologue, scrutinizing pieces as they are set out on the board for what I can only hope will eventually result in a multi-faceted freakshow of the same tangled trainwreck, Quite Some Time after it all gets underway… Which raises the possibility that we’re hearing (but not yet seeing) an entirely new player, someone… Serious. But if not that, then based on their search for him via physical description it is prolly either Cooks or parents: Who else would identify him only by what he looks like and need to be so discreet?

  19. sthet says:

    I feel like it’s Gordon – the Aboriginal Resistance guy who’s banned from Kingdom Come. Just because that seems like the kind of guy Patti would get all gooey-eyed over.

    She would LOOOOOOOVE him.

  20. Tod Stiles, male prostitute says:

    And the hit is made . . .