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    1. “Cream my jeans” is the term used in the song “Highschool Confidential.”

      The only excuse for not knowing the song is being too damned young to remember it. And NO, not being Canadian is no excuse, ‘coz the song was also a huge hit in the States.

      And SERIOUSLY, the song fuckin’ ROCKS.

      Go listen to it RIGHT NOW.

      For those of you who know the song, will know I am right, and that it’s been too long since you’ve listened to it.
      For those of you who do NOT know the song, well… Consider yourself being pushed into a chair and full-on headphones placed on your ears by those of us who do.
      Nope– shh! Thank us when the song is over.

    1. Nah, it’s that bit of Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet love theme, you know, the clip they play when two Sims fall in love.

      1. It wasnt there earlier, it was likely added in when the mistake was noticed. Not an uncommon thing with webcomics.

  1. Okay, now the the comic is DEFINITELY turning into a harem manga.

    Love the layout, and Patti in the 2nd panel, and the flames of passion coming off the heart, and pretty much everything about this page.

  2. But it is still TOTALLY NOT SEXUAL. Right Patti? That’s an “I appreciate your difficult circumstances” flaming heart.

    1. I’m sure it’s just an “I appreciate your difficult circumstances” flaming heart.

      The ‘….oh,’ on the other hand is totally an “I need a fresh pair of underwear” ‘….oh.’

  3. Patti’s eyes can see a forever in which she and Ben have a million-zillion asian/elf babies, all of whom possess troubled minds and brilliant but misunderstood artistic endeavors.

  4. Wow… Ben is certainly quite the stud. First the cute freckled girl and now Patti (and I believe Regan secretly has a crush on him too). I kind of think Ben is cute too (for now). :#)

    1. Can’t speak to Spike’s exact reasoning, but it’s like Bella falling down constantly. It’s proof to Patti that he needs some one to protect/nurture/mother him because he can barely function in the real world.

    2. She likes ’em fragile and broken and artistic – total “I MUST SAAAAVE THEM!” thing.

      This is freakin hilarious. keep going, Spike!

  5. I don’t normally nitpick, but where is her port-wine stain? It covers part of her right eye… Did she just blush so hard it temporarily vanished?

  6. I predict that the freckles/port wine diad in Ben’s storyline will come to parallel the idea, set forth in “The Screwtape Letters,” of an Angelic Ideal Paramour and the Diabolical Ideal Paramour. In Ben’s case, one will make him want to keep his life stable and grounded and responsible by calming him down and lending him a much-needed sense of proportion (by which I mean ‘sense that life is ridiculous but tolerable’.) The other will feed him megalomania-inducing praise and crazygirl sex in order to entice him to a spectacular self destruction, PATTI.

    Just theorizin’


    1. I predict at least one of these two is going to be found dead at the other’s hand by the end of next year so, yeah, pretty much.

    2. Where does Curio fit into that equation, though? She was flirting rather heavily when she met him, I think. So, that’s one girl that Ben is interested in rather vaguely, and two girls that would probably be comfortable working together to corner Ben in a threesome.

      1. I think Curio just flirts. It’s not important that it was Ben. There’s a world full of (for Curio) Ben-equivalents.

  7. I’m not sure Ben would consider this to be even possible, which is why I can’t wait for him to find out about it.

  8. I wonder, though, Ben had trouble with lots of freckles. How would he feel about the birthmark? (Other than be too polite to say anything out loud.)

  9. Ahh, look at that FRINGE on the carpet!! It’s glorious!

    …what, I really like it! Was there somethin’ else going on on this page?

    (aah I cannot tell a lie the whole page is incredible!)


      Back on topic, the flaming heart thing is brilliant xD This whole arc just makes me giggle SO MUCH.

    2. …Now that you mention it, the fringe makes a sort of symbollic arrow through the heart. Kinda conveys how the scene is basically a cupid’s arrow moment for Patti in a subtl- Well played.

  10. I admit to being slightly baffled. Is she just getting hot because he’s using a chair to reach something? If so, I remain baffled. He’s just a short person making do. At least he had a chair to snag. I have to climb the shelves at my library and grocery store. -_-

    1. Daawww, but don’t you see, he’s so tiny and vulnerable and yet soldiers on *sigh*’

      Lordy, I’m getting flashbacks to high school here, I knew too many people like Patti… :D

      1. I’m getting flashback to high school too, but mostly because I’m kinda like Ben. My high school locker proved a bit problematic because I’m just over 5 feet, and it was a full-size locker. My locker had a shelf that was too high for me to see what was on it. I could reach the shelf and put stuff there… I just couldn’t see what I put there, if it wasn’t on the very edge. To see what was there, I had to kinda step into my locker, on my tiptoes, and hold on to the shelf. My friends found it amusing.

  11. yep the moment you fall for some one is also the moment you have poo brain for the rest of the day. Let the herp derping commence.

  12. I predict that she’s going to be the catalyst for Ben’s first full-on display of why he needs the pills.

    1. oh god, you’re right. nobody can fall this hard into a one-way crush for the mild-mannered leading hero, without it backfiring scarily.

      This is just the narrative hook necessary to make Ben’s big “why I take pills” event sufficiently dramatic.

  13. Let’s see some predictions people!

    Does Patti go over and say something (intelligible or otherwise)
    does she let her heart walk out of the shop door with Ben.

    I’m thinking given how she was just gushed over his writing to Valentine, and how she promptly dashed off when she first encountered Ben at the store front, she won’t be able to get a word out in front of him.

    1. I lay a bet that he’ll start to walk out the door — or come up and buy something — and she’ll get up the nerve to stammer out something, which will then snowball into an absolute babble of combined worship, “sign my book,” and “let me run your life” stuff. Meanwhile, Val will be near-dying with hysterics. As will we readers. ;D

        1. I’m sure that Ben’s life, run by Patti, would be perfectly acceptable! …for Patti. The question, of course, is whether it would also be acceptable to Ben, who seems a bit vulnerable to being steamrollered at times.

  14. Then with her inevitable stalking she’ll find out that Ben’s closest friends include a domineering giant of a woman, a big black man, and an idiot savant. The only way this will ever get better for her is if Ben becomes inflicted with tetriplegia and crotch rot.

  15. RUN!! Sweet cat onna stick, run Ben! Oh man, she’s going to mess him up even worse…might be fun to watch.

  16. Am I the only one who thought of “I’m Burnin’ For You” by Blue Oyster Cult with the last panel? Not the most fitting song but it was the first thing that came to mind.

  17. I have this exact same… fetish? Preference? Maybe it’s more mainstream because I’m a straight man, but it’s like a sexy knife to the heart when a cute girl has to stand on her tiptoes to reach something

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