Chapter 5: Lit, page 106.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 106.

Your number. Val has it.

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  1. JL says:

    I’m just gonna start saying “Bitch, You Illiterate” at random times

  2. Twiggy says:

    I think Patti is one of those pre-fans – somebody who falls in love with what a creator’s *going* to be, not what they’ve already done.

    In other words, serially disappointed.

    • ColdFrog says:

      Heh. I know exactly what you mean because I am that guy as well. So often I find myself thinking “This guy had so many great ideas, now if only he could learn to write/act/etc. just a little better. I know, I’ll buy more of his stuff to support growth!”

      Aaaaaaaand, then I’m disappointed :(

      I can’t help but wonder if the title of the book is a letter or a number.

  3. JL says:

    Also I think I know Val. Like right down to the freckles and hair.

  4. Cyanmanta says:

    There’s something about a white guy with freckles who fancies himself a serious literary critic and couples his expertise with a thick ghetto accent. It’s fascinating and unsettling at the same time.

  5. AMC says:

    Sitting around being bitchy about writing styles is my favorite activity ever, no exaggeration. I want to hang out with them so badly!
    The bottom three panels look great. And oh Patti, I understand your love of annotated text

  6. Osten says:

    Hate to be a nag, but the page title is informing I’m reading Chpater 5.

  7. Pearle says:

    I’m thinking Hypatia’s in love with Ben cuz she sees he’s damaged goods, and wants a fixer-up boyfriend for whatever messed up reason is going through her head.

  8. leslie says:

    (wearing an evil grin) i wonder what val would say about the twilight series? mwahaha.

  9. AstroZamboni says:

    Uh… this IS chapter 5!

  10. Gelegenheitsleser says:

    What is a thoth?
    I know, bitch, You Illiterate.

  11. Meretrix says:

    Yeah, what the fuck IS wrong with this guy? We keep getting hints that ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties are going bump in Ben’s head.

    I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeee!

    My god, I’m just like Hypatia, aren’t I?

    • Hanna says:

      Well, you’d also need to consider Ben to be the writing god, but you’re probably close to getting there.

  12. Jakob says:

    The book is named “I”. That’s an awesome title.

    • Sarah says:

      No, I don’t think it is titled I.
      It’s possible that the obscured second word is just BJK but since Val said he had to come up with it on the spot, so maybe he didn’t print them on the book.
      Could be wrong, but I assumed that we were going to find out it was titled I, bum or something.

  13. myles says:

    I really love the art on this page, especially the last three panels.

  14. Kysec says:

    I can’t help but feel like Hypatia’s description of Ben’s work is eerily similar to OH SWEET MERCIFUL JESSUS TITS, IS THAT NIKKI’S ASS ON SCREEN IN PANEL TWO?!?!

    Why god, why?

    • Jakob says:

      god, it is. Why’d you have to point that out to me? IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN!

    • Hanna says:

      I think that’s Nick’s show live from the Whores vs. Rec showdown – and would also explain the comments of “what on earth is he wearing” from earlier on. Looks like a garland of some sort. o_O

    • George Spelvin says:

      That may not be Nicky’s ass. He is reporting form the middle of a whore riot after all, and one of the brothels is called “Pornucopia – Something for Everyone”.

  15. Dotcom says:

    Heh… Patti’s only a *little* obsessed. Getting the feeling Val has seen this in her many times before. XD

  16. redlemon says:

    Patti has gone from amazing to disturbing very quickly

  17. Osten says:

    Val actually has a good review spiel, as opposed to being merely jealous he provides reasons, and without a text to look at ourselves, perhaps we’ll have to trust him.

  18. Nova says:

    … Does anyone else think that maybe Mesmer stole Ben’s stories? :/

    • Nova says:

      So I’ve actually read the comments on the last few pages now and it seems many people think this

      forgive me for I do not usually read comments

      • Meretrix says:

        I think the soup Spike is brewing will taste much better if Mesmer just knows about them and keeps it to himself until some critical, shit-hits-the-fan moment.

        BJK has apparently been going in there for a while. Besides, Mesmer would have no trouble whipping up a snazzy-sounding nom de plume.

  19. Citrus says:

    Wait, did Patti highlight that copy or is it a copy that was highlighted by Ben?