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    1. With every girl on King Street with a fashionable whore’s license, you’d have to hit the maternity ward to even FIND a virgin in Templar.

  1. Ah, so it’s gonna be Tuesday. Maybe Tuesday will give the old bitch the grilling she deserves. To Orpha’s defenders: She can take it. If she can’t, she’s not half the Dove she’s appeared to be.

    1. On the other hand, Tuesday is firmly in the anti-Reclamation camp. The Reclamation movement says, among other things, that people aren’t doing enough for the less fortunate. That implies that Tuesday isn’t doing enough. She’s already walking on the same streets as them when she hangs out with people who are less fortunate than her but still more fortunate than the people who need help, what more do they want from her?!

  2. I have to say that wearing what he is wearing, Zebulon shouldn’t be the first to diss what someone else is wearing… although Nicky’s (lack of) wardrobe would make any stylist go berserk with a flamethrower. :-P

  3. What IS Nicky wearing? We can only see him from the chest up, upon which area there are no clothes! Will his outfit be revealed or is it left to our sick imaginations to come up with an outfit that even a Dove would find repulsive??

  4. I am really enjoying these two. And their adorable minions! And there’s more to come in short order? O frabjuous day!

  5. I love that Rec is using adverse possession, but why can’t whoever actually owns the Circassian call the police to remove them? Adverse possession has to be maintained – publicly – for quite some time before a judge will validate it, and it doesn’t constitute protection against trespassing law until that validation occurs.

    1. The public requirement is satisfied by continuous possession and alleging that you are the rightful owner of the premises. Making substantial improvements to the place, like we saw them doing earlier is also a part of adverse possession. Depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances the required possession period can be anywhere from 3 to 20 years.

      1. This is a very good point, but a counter-argument could be made, in light of EJ’s little housewarming party, that rather than make improvements, they’ve basically just squatted on derelict property, created an attractive nuisance, and done massive amounts of property damage as a result. Damage for which a good lawyer ought to be able to hold them liable.

        I’m just saying that Rec’s position really isn’t totally airtight.

        1. This all assumes there still is a legal owner in the mix somewhere. Considering they have yet to step forward, even after the fire, and the fact Orpha’s not even attempting to track them down, it looks like the whole mess really is up for grabs. I am loving how Spike’s set this up, because as is it’s a total coin-toss: Reccers have been working on it, but a brothel is a brothel is a brothel.

        2. They might be liable for the damage if they have failed to adversely possess, but unless for some reason there are children being attracted to the brothel they aren’t going to be liable for attractive nuisance.

          I think it was mentioned earlier that their position wasn’t airtight (and adverse possession rarely is) because it also relied on an old law from the 1920s. But until we found out what that is, the property damage to the Circassian is moot. If they’ve been in sole continuous possession of the property for the statutory period, they won’t be liable to the Doves for anything regarding the property.

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