29 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 97.”

  1. One that’s not worth the effort to acquire.

    He wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t know he’s all a pose.

  2. I would totally be a fan his show if I lived in Templar. People everywhere take themselves way too damn seriously. :P I prefer his upfront rediculousness to the terrible, wincingly-fake scripted humor of most newsanchor dialogue. Also, I think Nicky has teeth and smarts underneath all his bluff and bluster. A plot this devious and darkly amusing deserves a Nicky Collision-style exposé (probably involving sequins and platform boots). :D

    Also, is he -naked-? Or just shirtless? I wonder what the rest of his outfit looks like…

    1. YES. Thank you for articulating this.

      As for Nicky’s bottom, I would guess
      1) black pleather jeggings OR
      2) red miniskirt with thigh slit and (aha) hooker boots

  3. Nicky Collision reminds me SO MUCH of Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element. So now whenever I read him, I head Chris Tucker.

  4. Yeah, Nicky is intreguing, but he’s still gross! Not sure why, but I feel my gag reflex going every time I look at him.

  5. Nickys crew should have a steadycam mount for this kind of work. He might not behave professionally, but I bet he actually is quite. And both Nicky and Spike should pander to their audience; throw in some fanservice!

  6. Nicky is one of those people I would hate but also watch religiously BECAUSE I enjoy hating him.
    Rereading this chapter all in one go makes it make more sense, and the build up of tension is fantastic

  7. I like that his instinct is dead on the money. Like he’s got some real journalistic chops underneath all the wacky bullshit.

  8. I’m wondering what an brothel that caters to short leather bears ( second panel ) would be called.

    It would probably be something like Curzon but in my head it’s more like Cupcake Palace.

    1. Something tells me that’s just Nicky’s pet name for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one else calls the North Oarlock “North O” either.

    1. I seriously doubt this has anything to do with Orpha’s plan. She was going to have “pretty people saying pretty things”, and this ain’t pretty.

  9. All city Soviets on lockdown. I predict violence coming. Possibly la familia de Cook will make a re-appearance.

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