Chapter 5: Lit, page 86.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 86.

Kinda like Colonial Williamsburg.

Except, you know.

With whores.

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  1. AstroZamboni says:

    The little kid getting his picture taken with a real, live hooker is absolutely fantastic.

  2. Gurt Spurtlocker says:

    That house there has a really, really huge front door.

    • CWR says:

      That’s actually an archway leading to the front door – you can see the steps at the bottom – like a portico or something.

  3. Liz B. says:

    Ah-ha-ha! I live less than a mile from Colonial Williamsburg, and let me just say, a few period-era whores would sure liven the place up!

  4. Siona says:

    My god it’s like Disneyworld for sex!



  5. pencilears says:


  6. I went to Colonial Williamsburg with Jen back before we were married. She asked one of the citizens (a judge or something) if he thought it was wrong to keep slaves. I don’t recall his exact words but it was pretty much, “They aren’t mistreated, so what’s the problem?”

    The guy was just an actor playing a roll and his response was probably historically accurate, but she got pretty pissed off.

  7. Ms. Williams says:

    Best description ever. Colonial Williamsburg has been lovingly tarnished forever. XD

  8. myles says:

    Is it just me, or does the adorable tourist resemble how Katie Tiedrich draws herself in Awkward Zombie?

  9. norm says:

    Colonial Whoreliamsburg! Love it.
    Also, the banners on the light poles? Killed me.

  10. Architecture! Your favorite! Looks really nice.

  11. The Joker says:

    I’ve been late to point out that the overall scenery of Templar is thoroughly immersive. Such attention to detail, good job!

  12. Rendigo says:

    oh man i know EXACTLY where I want to go for my next vacation now

  13. Hanna says:

    There needs to be made a “Guide to Templar, Arizona” that would introduce the city and its weird residents… I swear it would sell, and sell well. :D

  14. mwissig says:

    I was looking at an apartment yesterday and my potential roommates showed me that there was a crappy steampunk bar about a block away, and I felt like I was in Templar.

  15. Chiparoo says:

    For the life of me I cannot get my head around drawing intricate/complicated architecture I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.

    • Hanna says:

      My guess would be “with lots and lots of practice”. =p (That said, I couldn’t draw a house that didn’t look like one drawn by a 10-years-old child. XD)

    • pencilears says:

      the same way you draw anything. by sitting down and DRAWING IT. (this seems a little circular but bear with me, it works.)

  16. Kysec says:

    The longer I look at the kid posing with the whore, the more I more I start to imagine her facial expression is “Oh-KAY, mom. This is slightly weird.”

  17. FrenchToast says:

    Detailed architecture is one thing, but Spike’s buildings look so CLEAN and UNCLUTTERED! *droooool*
    Also, if you visit Alaska during tourist season, the port towns have fake Gold Rush-era red light districts that look very much like that. I always wondered how the middle-aged cruise ship passengers would feel about REAL prostitutes! :)

  18. KT Jayne says:

    What locations did you reference for those buildings? I’m from around Richmond and they look super familiar, though it might just be one of those things.