Chapter 5: Lit, page 73.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 73.

Hello, dummy box.

(Brownie points for remembering the dummy box. AND a gold star if you remember where the show currently playing was first mentioned.)

Discussion (16)¬

  1. maria says:

    That’s Mesmer. We’re married. Heart.

    Vires Acquiret Eundo. Ben subscribed to it like a million years ago.

  2. Siona says:




    Record RAINFALL in California?

    • JHyde says:

      Oh my god! The dam’s gonna break!

    • pencilears says:

      paired with low profits for water, which would encourage them to keep it rather than let it through. ehehehee! disaster time!
      I wonder what kind of dam they’ve got and how long it’s been in operation? old earthen dams soak through and then slide like motherfuckers.

    • maria says:

      You know, I’d have thought we’d see some kind of epic SANDSTORM before those dams in Cali broke. Maybe these events’ll happen consecutively. Like Templar’s version of the PLAGUES or something.

  3. ridney says:

    I forgot about Vires Acquiret Eundo, but that dummy box is just a stinky, regular ol’ tv that works like ours.

    Holy foreshadowing. You still got that mask, Ben?

  4. AlmostLiterally says:

    Does this mean it’s time to break out those sexy masks?

  5. Lara says:

    I imagine if the rain gets too bad, it could end up causing something akin to what’s going on in Australia right now.

  6. JL says:

    It’s amazing how clearly I can hear Mesmer’s bitchy tone in my head.

  7. River Torr says:

    No, Ben! You have to pretend it was broken really badly, so that you get more street cred!

  8. Citrus says:

    I’m lost as to what a dummy box is.

  9. Maritza says:

    It’s a tv set. Only in this universe tv sets have been replaced by computers and everything’s on demand.

  10. Jamal says:

    Hm…Ben seems more like a supporting character now than a main one.

    Maybe this is one of those comics where it switches focus alot to answer more questions with different chapters….The question I had was “Where was Ben all this time?”

    And my question was answered :)