Chapter 5; Lit, page 71.

Chapter 5; Lit, page 71.

Flappers are very annoying to find clothing reference for, you know.

Most Google Image Searches for “flapper” or “flapper dress” turns up Halloween costumes or stripper outfits. Which are way, way not accurate. It was still the 1920s, no one was wearing micro-minis. And there was a lot less fringe than you probably think.

Stuff like this is far more accurate, although much nicer than anything Flannery can afford. Still useful, though.

Further props to OMG That Dress! and Louise Brooks For help dressing Templar’s favorite Pastime-in-denial.

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  1. gexx says:

    I’ve found Dover’s paper dolls to be pretty good references for historical clothing, fwiw.

  2. ABYSchan says:

    Everything about the second panel is amazing.

  3. M says:

    Wow thanks for the flappers clothes link, some amazing styles there.

    Oh yeah and thanks, as ever, for the comic, I can’t argue with ABYSchan.

  4. Amstrad says:

    For further reference and some great entertainment as a bonus, I recommend watching a few episodes of ‘Boardwalk Empire’. One of the primary characters works in a clothing store for an episode or two even.

  5. Kai says:

    Oh fuck creepy guy is back.

    (I think my favorite thing about this is the pantsless guy in the background with the basket heads calmly watching him. THEY KNOW A GOOD SHOW WHEN THEY SEE IT.)

  6. EatBooks says:

    Man, the wicker heads have some FUCKED UP tastes.

    Also, comparing this page and the page before, I really think Scipio should date this girl.

  7. Ducky says:

    When you’re searching for clothing images, try putting “extant” in front of the article of clothing. This is something my costume design teacher suggested. It brings up a lot more of the actual clothing, or at least magazine/catalog photos from the time period.

  8. gexx says:

    Just came across this link of 1920s Mugshots. Serendipity!

    And I second the Boardwalk Empire suggestion.

  9. veem says:


  10. Odette says:

    Along the same line as “Boardwalk Empire,” when Mystery!/Masterpiece Theatre adapts golden age detective stories (1920s & ’30s-ish), they’re always really good about authentic costuming and so on.

  11. Ultranima says:

    Oh jeez, this guy.

  12. Casey says:

    And my first thought was “Thank God Lloyd’s not bleeding”.

  13. Briget says:

    Haha, wow this page.

    Also, as for actual flapper dress reference, I’ve always liked the movie Singin’ in the Rain, since it’s set in 1920s Hollywood. It has some really nice costuming.

  14. alec says:

    Evidently there’s shit we don’t know about the Wickerheads.

    I don’t know who started the thing where one of them is just sitting down gettin’ a good look up Lloyd’s auxiliary torture chute, but I’m in love with both.

    • pencilears says:

      “shit we don’t know about the wickerheads” would be just about everything.

    • Vandegraff says:

      “gettin’ a good look up Lloyd’s auxiliary torture chute” <–the phrase that has been randomly popping up over and over in my head since the moment I've read it, causing me to burst into laughter for no reason I can explain to those around me. Thank you!

  15. AlmostLiterally says:

    Dear God, that’s the cannibal, right? I don’t…I don’t want to know.

  16. soof says:

    Hehehe, the store is full of wickers, Lloyd is somehow undress, Gordon, the only person who is denied weapons, alcohol and pornography, is staring at her but Flannery has “to ask the manager”
    Also, it would be totally cute to see Flannery in a Josephine Baker outfit.

  17. ridney says:

    We need to learn more about the Wickerheads ASAP.

    C’mon, Flannery! Time to cowboy up!

  18. norm says:

    I can’t decide if Gordon is less creepy now, since we know he’s a revolutionary and a cannibal and not a molester as we thought before.

    Er. Maybe he is a molester after all. OK he’s creepier than he was before.

  19. CatOfEvilGenius says:

    Oh, Flannery, grow a spine already, you pathetic wimp! We have already seen all Gordon needs is a firm NO and goes away. I bet if she stood up to him, he’d stop going there at all. She’s the reason he shows up! Who else is he going to torment?

  20. wyrdhour says:

    Am I the only person who really really wants to work at this store? The two headed cow really sealed the deal I might have to someday open this store in real life.

  21. WhoTookThatty says:

    Is that my birthsign I see in the background?
    ‘Cuz I wannit.

  22. Bryy says:

    Templar looks like the most fracked up place. But also the most awesome. Are you sure it’s not Planescape: Torment?

  23. Kysec says:

    So, aren’t there supposed to be a coupla gunsmiths kickin’ around the shop somewhere? We haven’t met them yet….

  24. BrianS says:

    Flannery in a Josephine Baker outfit? Like, the one with all the bananas?

    Despite his badly-damaged mental/emotional state, I came off rather liking Gordon during his scene with the Elliots…certainly, he came off as a lot more sensible than either of them (admittedly, not hard to do), and I laughed out loud at his line about the Jake gun being “an insult to firearms”…I’m fascinated to see what will happen here without Ray to firmly tell him off…

  25. Joelle says:

    oh my god, what is the sinister meaning of the tree to the far right of this scene? is it for dryad fetishists? is wood an extremely valuable and prohibited material in Templar that has to be sold in adult-only shops? is there a subculture of Templar people who dress up as trees and protest against Reclamationists and other construction workers? WHYYYY is there a tree in this store?

  26. Mary says:

    There’s so much going on in the first panel that I’m still going over it in glee. Heeheehee.

  27. pencilears says:

    this is the best cheap joke in the whole world, almost even a Gilligan cut.

  28. mwissig says:

    the most obvious problem with modern depictions of flappers is that they were supposed to have boyish figures and a lot of them bound their breasts, but that doesn’t make for good pin-up girls, so most artists and costume makers put them in push-up bras instead.

  29. Maritza says:

    For fuck’s sake, Flannery, grow up a goddamn spine.

  30. BullCityFats says:


  31. CailinLiath says:

    I find costumers books the most helpful references. If you can afford them.