33 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 70.”

  1. Aw, Scip, so adorable. Hope he finds a lady who appreciates him. Reagan’s right though. In the grand scheme of things, what Zora just saw, while not the best thing for her, hardly compares to her awful, awful upbringing. Granny Feather totally trumps seeing Scip lose it.

  2. Wait, I’m confused. Scip roughed Reagan up? I thought she was grabbing at him and stuff, and he was just holding/pulling her off of himself and his shirt. Being forceful with her wrists seemed to be the worst of it. Did I miss something?

    1. Seems like tearing one of Ray’s gloves in the process is enough to freak Scip out. I don’t think Reagan even registered it.

    2. 2 pages back – he has her wrists. 1 page back, she registers the torn glove in the bottom half of the page. My guess is that she pulled her hand hard and *they* tore it. But yeah, watching them over/under-react is pretty funny. Scip is just falling apart so I’m glad Reagan is keeping her head!

  3. Isn’t he in the violence business? I can’t imagine a guy with years of Gong Fu and a day job stiff-arming people out of the way of the glitterati could really be much shaken by what he’s physically capable of.

    1. Nah, he’s used to standing around and looking intimidating, not actually roughing people up. I mean, what stranger would pick a fight with him?

      1. According to Scip he’s got eleven years of San Shou. Which is not a pleasant thing to study. It’s tamed a bit by it’s interaction with sport wushu, but it’s still violent enough that when San Shou practitioners go to Kickboxing or MMA, they have to be retrained because a lot of their go-to moves are illegal. Despite the handicap, there are almost always San Shou fighters in the top brackets of hybrid fighting tournaments like Art of War. It’s a modern, injuring and killing practice, with Chinese military trainers, not a traditional or art style. Being “big” isn’t going to make a class easy for him.

        If Scipio is uncomfortable, it’s not because he’s not used to violence, it’s because he’s compartmentalized things mentally. Or has a specific reason to react that way, such has bad memories of violence against women, perhaps. He seems a little excessively twee at times, perhaps he’s overcompensating because he hurt people when he was younger? Or he’s otherwise reacting to something we aren’t seeing yet.

    2. Plus letting your emotions get away from you and accidentally roughing up a friend is pretty far removed from controlling drunkards and rowdy fans. One is just business, the other is as personal as it gets.

  4. My name’s Scipio. I like to tell children to go away when they need my help but then freak out about how I messed them up when they leave. Herp Derp.

    Wait, so they are confronting Pippi? Then Reagan is definitely right about the witness thing. Sigh.

  5. Look, you two, Zoradysis does not CARE about your petty adult troubles. She needs a controller and no one is helping and SHE DOES NOT HAVE LATER.

    I mean, no, it’s never good to have a child see adults doing violence to each other, but if they would crawl out from up each other’s butts for two seconds they would see that she is in a full-out panic attack and probably wouldn’t notice if they were naked and fucking in the lobby.

    1. Shit just got real….no, seriously. I can’t wait to happen. Whenever there’s something like this happening I check every hour in case of a miracle…That doesn’t make me sad, does it? D:

      *remains glued*

      1. I’m not going to lie to you, that’s pretty sad.
        But justified. This comic is something that is worthy of the belief of miracles.

  6. I’d just like to address that it’s hilarious that Scipio’s reason for Reagan not going after her is “You have to go to work.” I wish I could wrap this comic around me like a blanket.

  7. Then why in god’s name is Scip a professional bodyguard? Please tell me there’s more to that job than being a giant man? :)

    1. Sometimes a huge black man in a kilt is enough to dissuade people from causing trouble. If that doesn’t work then they have the retired jaded cop in the suit that’ll be sure to put them in their place

  8. I feel like stirring music should be playing while Reagan prepares for battle. Like Collide’s “Predator” or something.

  9. Scip is way too nice and innocent. He needs Reagan and her callous street-wisdom like yin needs yang. I’d say that Spike should get them hitched, but I suspect that would ruin the comic.

    1. I’m HOPING it won’t be fast, cause Pippi needs some serious talking-to. I WISH she also got thwapped around enough to drive home the point that you DO NOT light fires in the place you’re allowed to stay in, but I don’t think Ray works that way. She’s more into verbally beating up people. :-P

  10. Scipio’s going to be traumatized about ripping Ray’s clothes, but he’s going to be even more traumatized when he realizes he actually bruised Ray’s arm. Or at least it looks like.

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