30 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 60.”

  1. oh thank god, the whole building didn’t catch fire, because I was totes expecting that. like the Elliotts show up and there is noting to rob because everything is on fire.

  2. Reagan does not look impressed with the destruction.

    I suspect she’s going to rip Scipio a new one for ‘making much ado about nothing’.

  3. Hah, I was so caught up in wondering where Tuesday was going next, I completely forgot how badly I wanted to see the fallout of this storyline. Somebody’s about to get their ass handed to them, Ray just has to decide who’s gonna be first.

  4. I dunno. These kinds of layouts really bug me, the head on the bottom. However, this isn’t that bad. A really horrible one was on Zuda, where there were an ass and a boob panel stacked one on top of the other. It was like there was a weird, expression-less guy with a vertical mouth and boobs.

    1. I find em fantastic, gives a filmic quality to the scene, it’s a visual representation of a pan up from the floor, up Reagan to that priceless expression.

      I don’t recall the boob/arse layout you refer to, but I expect something similar was going on there.



  6. For the record, even though I look enough like Reagan that I could have modelled for her. *I* wouldnt’ be caught dead in that dress without some nice thick coloured tights…I don’t like to have a cold butt. PS Thanks for reminding me that my bangs really need a trim. LOL

    1. You look like her? If you have the same acerbic and wicked personality will you marry me? Oh, I hope you like sitting for hours in dark rooms with nothing but AM radio static and Goodwill furniture.

      On, another note, Reagan sure is a man’s kind of woman, which actually isn’t an aside, but mayhap another comment my own proclivities. Also, I am pretty sure, she is still the most intelligent and observant character in the whole strip. I mean, Scipp’s just oblivious and now he is out one waste paper basket.

    1. That’s a fairly standard result of a trashcan fire. Paper products– and especially the sort of associated junk you get in a bathroom can– generally don’t combust hot enough for long enough to do much more than melt the container. If she’d instead poured a bottle of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol on top, or tossed in a can of shaving cream or hair spray, the whole apartment would have been smoked & soaked.

  7. Aspirin could give her an ulcer, yeah. But the only way to kill yourself with aspirin would be to take a lot of it, repeatedly. Like 30-40 pills a day for a couple of weeks. That would kill your liver off. As far as suicide goes, Aspirins pretty much the pansiest thing you can try.

  8. Admittedly, I’m late. But I was backtracking through the comic, and boy do I love Ray’s face here.

    She’s just like, “…uh huh.”

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