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  1. “Well, you see, by taking care of the homeless and downtrodden, we’re drastically decreasing the number of crackwhores in Templar, thus providing legitimate, professional prostitutes like you with both less competition and higher status. So if you look at it that way, Reclamation is ALL ABOUT helping hookers. Fancy working with us? You’d be great at recruitment.”

    1. I want him to say this so bad. It won’t make much difference but later, after the furious beat down, he can say he tried to reason with them.

  2. Jesus. I mean Dinah is good at her job and all, but maaan I just feel like sometimes you gotta let it happen, otherwise there’ll be resentment.



    1. While it’s probably part of legal jargon, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the “hostile and notorius use of the property”. XD

  4. Now I’m thinking Barney may have a sister or other female relative (mother is still a strong candidate) who’s a whore or was a whore (maybe got addicted/diseased and died in a wet house somewhere), since he obviously wants to correct Nine’s thinking. And I have a feeling that in the next picture we’ll see either Nine slaps Dinah (and is caught on camera) or tries to and is caught and restrained by Dinah (and probably still caught on camera). Unless Barney messes the corporate shark’s plans.

    1. Or Barney himself, even. I mean, if Corset Zeus from two pages ago can get business, there’s bound to be somebody in Templar with a thing for squat, bucktoothed men with prostheses. Kinda like rule #34.

      And of course, whatever happens will be caught on camera.

  5. Sooo… I sense a deal coming – gonna reclaim the brothel for the hookers?

    Sort of a snake eating its tail. Or biting Dinah on the tail.

  6. I just had a thought. Do Templar’s hookers count as “unnumbered” for Jakeskin? Given that they’re quite definitely numbered? :P

    1. According to Minivan’s helpful NY Times link, Dinah’s saying that Rec has been sitting in the Circassian Brothel for so long, it’s now become legally theirs. How on earth they managed it, I have no clue.

  7. Okay, so what I’m sensing here (and please correct me if I’m wrong) is either Dinah’s been doing things for Reclamation that Barney doesn’t want to do behind his back and he’s just finding out, or there has been some serious misunderstanding here he wants to clear out but Dinah just wants the good PR. Either way, I kinda feel sorry for the guy.

    Also, am I the only one who hasn’t rooted for Dinah ever since her first appearance? Out of curiosity, I mean.

    1. I think Dinah sincerely believes in what Barney is doing but I also think she believes that he needs to be “protected from himself” (I also wouldn’t rule out her having an unspoken and unrequited crush on him). Unfortunately people who have that attitude don’t usually ask the people they’re “protecting” about how *they* feel about the matter.

  8. Sounds to me like the whores are from a particular brothel that has been shut down, and they are blaming mr john (needs more lemon pledge) for it being shut down in the first place.

    BTW, Spike, SO SO SO much love for putting Randy in that outfit. Showed it to my wife, who reads SP but not your comic, and she spent a good 15 minutes laughing.

  9. I’m thinking that Spike has buried an Easter Egg on this page…per Wikipedia, one of the mnemonics for remembering the elements of Adverse Possession is “A Hooker ON Every Corner” (Actual, Hostile, Open, Notorious, Exclusive, Continuous)…

    My goodness, I love this comic…

  10. Hey… I was wondering. Is Original Content allowed? Can we create our own characters and buildings if they are labled as such?

    I’m a roleplayer, and I love the world you’ve created. I love it, and i’d enjoy creating some characters set in this city.

  11. Haha oh my god Barney. This cannot end well.
    Well, maybe it can. But it does not seem that way.
    “Just LOOK at my face, woman! You think I don’t rely on hookers? People like me are the reason you have a job!” and other things that don’t look good in the tabloids.

    1. You get my vote. You’d think from how his personality is in that “deal breakers” spin off comic, that he wouldn’t discuss something like that, but he just went from no-nonsense mode and then is getting annoyed by the rabble too, so a blunt, cut-the-crap-of-course-I-have-sex-you-idiot response seems like it would be just right here.

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