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  1. Wonder if the last panel isn’t because Whore #1 (as I’ve been thinking of her) *wanted* retaliation.

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s it. More than likely a tactic they’ve used to get other ‘swinging dicks’ out of the oarlock before, getting retaliation and crying foul.

  2. So: Cook Family, and Barney knows just what to do. Prostitutes, and he falls apart. That’s not…

    …..unless he recognizes one of them?

    “…*All* of them?”

    1. Well, the Cook Family don’t show up in various striptease/haremware/fetishist get-ups (unless you count their militant gear), and they tend to show up in public places, not in the lobby of a half-burnt ex-brothel, when there aren’t any microphones or cameras around.

      BTW, I’m half expecting Numbers to go berserk and attack the Whore Resistance – either verbally or physically. :-P

    1. I’m seconding this.
      Man, who would play Barney? Gary Busey in a fat suit? I just can’t think of any actors that look or feel like him.

        1. I’m not sure it would be Oswalt. It’s gotta be a guy who sounds “greater” than he is in person. By greater I mean taller etc.

  3. Firstly, why did Dinah feel the need to exclaim the fact that she is pissed off?

    Secondly, she doesn’t need a god damn reason, that woman is a bad ass.

    1. Actually, I think her manager-ness is showing – bosses tell people they’re pissed off so they know to be scared. (After all, Dinah appears to be COO, or Rec’s equivalent – general secretary?) And indeed, she follows it up with essentially vowing to fire those who disobey.

  4. I imagine Dinah is making it known that she is pissed off as a warning to those who know her…flying the storm flags first. It’s just polite to let people know that their future features their butt in a sling if they don’t straighten up and fly right immediately. Or maybe she uses ‘I’m pissed off’ like some people use ‘Oh dear’? Certainly knowing someone violated security is enough to set someone off without adding the element of a big mouth whore screeching her head off for the benefit of a crowd.

    Meanwhile I have a feeling Barney John knows someone there intimately and/or is related to them by blood or marriage. It seems more and more likely as this scene plays out.

  5. This can’t be a mere protest. Remember Nicky talking about all the Doves going into conference, and Biggs saying Rec is “one New York Jew away from nullification”? Here’s what’s probably in the works: the police come, the prostitutes display the deed to the property, and the police duly arrest all the Rec people for trespassing.

  6. I REALLY hate to complain, but Dinah’s dialogue…”I’m pissed. I am pissed off!”…it just doesn’t feel like real dialogue. People in stressful situations, giving orders don’t generally bother to pause to tell people what they’re feeling, since it’s usually obvious, doesn’t immediately help the situation, and nobody has asked.

    1. I dunno. I know people who mutter like that to themselves, my husband being one of them. If he’s having a bad day, he’ll slip it into the middle of a tirade at someone (“I am SO pissed right now”), but he’s not directing that to them, more just venting in general. To me, it’s like saying “I can’t believe this”; it’s just a verbal expression of anger, no real different than swearing incoherently. It looks like she’s snarling it through gritted teeth.

      I’m just impressed. The expression on her face in the last panel on the last page was less “I AM GOING TO GET JUNK DONE” and more “Oh no! WHORES!”

      1. Hmm, well it wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve missed the mark at understanding just what’s supposed to be happening. But at the same time, there’s quite a difference between having an argument with your spouse and being a few seconds from getting your heads smashed in by a band of enraged hookers. I took this scene to be more of where things have “hit the fan”, and gone from “tense social interaction” to, well, combat pretty much. Also, I’ve been assuming that Dinah is the sort that’s capable of seeing the difference.

        1. I dunno, I would think most whores tend to be drama queens, so the first sign that they’re mad at you is not a tersely worded letter or some passive-aggressive social slight, but a posse of them in their best duds yelling profanities and threats. It’s all saber-rattling, though. It’s like a bird puffing out its feathers to make itself look big.

  7. I think people are interpreting Dinah’s outburst the wrong way. I read it as her “getting into gear”. She is riling herself up to take on an unforeseen confrontation, basically. In any case she is indeed bad-ass.

    First time commenter, long time reader – keep up the awesome work spike. Templar is better than a lot of stuff I would otherwise have to pay good money for – in fact i am at a loss as to where I could get anything like this at all.

  8. Personally I’d rather see a wrestling match between the various Pornucopia whores and the Reccers. . . but then I’ve got a dirty imagination. :-P

  9. I just wanted to say, you write dialogue like I wish I could write dialogue. It is real and visceral and I can hear it in my head when I read it. You’re awesome. Thank you.

  10. I think Barney’s gobsmacked response here is based on how he hadn’t seen Rec and the prostitutes as at odds with each other- rather, had seen them both as taking on the corporate culture and mainstream Templar. And now…whoops, the whores aren’t on his side after all. Dinah seems to have anticipated this. Wonder what else Barney John doesn’t really know about how his group is perceived in the wider community? It seems like he has a buffer of people between himself and the real world.

        1. Goddamned right he better. We should make a petition. “Force Randy Milholland To Dress As Gay Corseted Hooker Zeus For The Amusement Of The Attendants Of NEWW”. Or… FRMTDAGCHZFTAOTAON. See? Short and easy to remember.

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