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      1. When I first saw Dinah’s expression in the last panel, I read it as fear. On review, it’s clear that her head is about to explode from the intensity of Corset Zeus’ glare.

    1. That’s it, I’m going back to bed. There is nothing that is going to happen to me today that’s better than reading this sentence.

    1. Given the kind of person Reagan’s mother was, it wouldn’t surprise me if number 9 was related (possibly one of Reagan’s sisters or maybe a cousin on her mother’s side).

  1. I, uh… I have an outfit EXACTLY like #7. I can’t see his shoes, but other than that it’s 100% identical.

    Yes, I’m another bearded dude.

  2. tsk tsk, barnabas. Such a narrow mindset. Why can’t they all be whores? Are you saying no would would be into corseted zeus-men? Or chubby cowgirls? Or….whatever theme the lady with the pigtails is doing?

  3. I love how the assistant needs to throw in the descriptor of the brothel that is about to mob them.

    ‘Something for everyone.’

      1. To judge by his expression he’s hoping none of the numbered ones present recognizes him as one of the regular patrons there. Or maybe he’s got a number too, when he’s not doing Rec stuff. Or had, before he went for Rec. Something like that, I’m too suspicious to believe he’s just done the intelligence on their surroundings. :-P

  4. That was… I… I haven’t even had my morning coffee yet.

    … I don’t think I need it anymore.

    Spike, you’re great. I actually love the last line and her expression the best. “CALL THE POLICE. TELL THEM THE WHORES ARE MOBILIZING OH GOD.”

    When are we getting Pornucopia t-shirts and badges?!

    1. “…and sheer see-through tops”

      Their three, THREE weapons are Surprise, nipple clamps, sheer see-through tops, and and almost fanatical devotion to the…. oh I’ll come in again.

  5. The only reason I can think of for that ‘All of them?’ question is that Barney knows/knew one of the whores in another context so, is the chubby cowgirl Barney’s daughter maybe or is the skinny femme in charge his ex-wife?

    1. Actually I think the group is just so varied (we only see these three properly, but Barney probably sees the rest of them as well) and there are so many of them that he’s confused.

  6. It’s gotta be disconcerting to find a group of angry prostitutes between you and the exit. Don’t know which of the three lines in the last panel is the best ? The police could protect against violence but based on that I know about REC, Barney and his team are trespassing.

    1. Then again, if they called police, the whore resistance might well round on them instead, buying the Reccers time to escape. I mean, the Doves probably have an understanding with the police forces, but how that translates down to the grassroot sex workers is questionable at best.

      LOL, maybe the chaper cover with EJ among the numbered beauties is actually a police lineup to “find the one that reorganized your face” or something similar? XD

  7. I have to ask what is up with the numbered hookers, is there some kind of hooker hierarchy (say that three times fast) going on in Templar? Or are they simply numbered in order of freshness?

    1. It’s so you can place your order effectively. “I’ll have a number nine with three on the side.”

      They switched to a number system ever since the disastrous mumbled misunderstanding lawsuit twenty years ago. Turns out not everyone is into herses and spaghettios.

  8. I knew it was coming, but still I laughed SO HARD at this. The expressions on the Reclamation gang’s faces are priceless.

  9. Holy crap, is the short bald guy between Corset Zeus and top-heavy shouting broad Sunny and Moze’s elderly relative from that intermission?

  10. Well, seeing the numbers on our new friends’… outfits… at least we know how this ties in with EJ’s appearance on the cover of this issue.

    1. LOL! I thought you meant some character I may have forgotten the name to. Then I went and read one of my other fave comics. Randy has da crazy eyes!!!

  11. Aw, come on, my co-workers wear higher heels than that. Are you sure she’s a whore?

    (this is me, hatin’ on the current ‘you’re-not-dressed-until-you-look-like-an-eight-mile-crack-whore’ fashion trends)

    1. You’re not the only one hatin’. Although I’m assuming that even in Templar you need to be 18 or older to be a whore. What’s scary in real life is the fashion of dressing little girls between ages 8-12 like they really belonged into that group right next to Miss Number Nine. >_<

    2. they had to walk a block down, I certainly wouldn’t trust my LED light up clear plastic kneehigh hookerboots (were I to own any) on such a journey.

      1. pffft. I’ll have you know my led-activated, vibrating thigh-high ballet-fetish see through hooker boots are perfectly comfortable for an afternoon stroll.

  12. I laughed, physically *laughed* long and hard at both this comic and the comments on it. Spike, you are a GENIUS.

  13. Number 9 has a crazy body… Her bottom half looks like a 9-YO boy in drag and her top have looks like a size Z. Meethinks someone had mad plastic surgery. >:)

    1. Actually the breasts don’t look that big, if you look at the right one (left from her POV), which is more or less in silhouette. Looks to me to be around C – though possibly with a ligament tug. I’ve seen weirder mismatches of hips/breasts in real life.

    1. The nipple piercings look like they’re meant for suspension. (Like putting string/rope through them and then lifting him – probably with some help with a rope around some other part of body – to hang from them.) Either that, or for settings some serious weights hanging from them. (Why yes, I’ve studied bondage. . . XD)

  14. …Well. They wanted him to do more public speaking.

    If he can face down a mob of angry whores, he can talk to ANYONE.

  15. Eh, I’m incapacitated a couple of days due to back pain and miss the rush of getting to comment on one of the greatest WTH moments in a while… Now everything worth saying has more or less been said already. Meh.

  16. “Every whore for TEN SOLID BLOCKS is gonna lawyer up and bug-bomb this roach hole.”

    Or maybe they’ll just straight up kick some ass.

  17. Everyone keeps calling him Corset Zeus. While I approve of that name, my first confused exclamation was that of “Doctor BASH!?”. Then I moved on, dreamily, to elsewhereland where imagination may slash things however it wishes.

  18. I almost don’t want to comment because right now the comments are at #69. And that just seems too appropriate.

    But…best Templar page ever.

  19. I was WONDERING when we were gonna get some whores up in here. I must say, I am quite satisfied. I don’t know who I like better- Oh screw it, I do.
    The bearded dude in the corset with the pierced nipples. Of course.

    I’m afraid they look like they are meant to be hooked up to a charge of some kind. Ow. Some things in sex I just do not understand. By all means, if it’s consensual, do it. But oh man I do not understand.

    1. I dunno, most construction workers I know don’t walk around in bikinis and see-through tops.

      Most of them.

      I now want to see a construction worker wearing that outfit…

      What was I saying?

  21. I think this page has the most comments of any page so far. Also it’s the first one (beside a cover image) to feature a conventionally attractive person with their clothes off. Coincidence?

    By the way, I love the casual nudity of the comic. Like it’s not even a big deal and you just let people show what they’re going to show in any given situation. I wish a hundred thousand more comics, movies and whatnot valued authenticity over accommodating some fringe remaining Victorian era social sensibilities like you do.

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