Chapter 5: Lit, page 35

Yes, disembodied voice, Barney is not an attractive man, I’m sure that is news to him, it is not as if he has been a short, round, nearsighted, bucktoothed, disabled dude for a good proportion of his-


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  1. That seems like an back-from-the-day chum greeting, but the way that the security personnel are panicking….

    Oh goodness, are the Elliots back?

    1. I agree. I haven’t heard anybody call him Barney John before. Perhaps an old drinking buddy or acquaintance whose brusque mannerisms have been misinterpreted by the security personnel thus causing an alarm due to a lack of social grace, despite well meant intentions.
      Or maybe somebody with a grudge against him.
      (My money is one BOTH)

      1. Reagan has the presence to make people move like that.

        Agreed that it does sound like someone that knows Barney well.

      2. My money is on old girl/boyfriend, or sister, mother, some relative or old relationship that’s coming back to haunt him. Hells, maybe his mom is the current madam of the Doves. XD

  2. I don’t care how much you want this guy to be ugly, I still wanna give him a big squeeze. I can see why Numbers is a big fangirl!

  3. Barney grew up in this neighborhood, didn’t he? Wouldn’t be surprised if his mom was a “workin’ girl” herself. It really sounds like an old acquaintance trying to be renewed… but with the upper class do-gooders reclamation attracts, anyone “local” would seem to be a threat!

    Security, stand down

  4. Oh dear oh dear, I hope it is not the elder Elliot! Still, I should think in the throes of heroin withdrawal, he’s not really fit for the barging in and screaming that requires such an entrance. That takes a lot out of a guy- he probably wouldn’t even be able to find out where John would be.
    Somebody PISSED though. I want to know what their damage is- and maybe they deserve to land a punch on ’em. John’s probably got an old adversary from his non-Rec days…

  5. I doubt it’s either Elliot – even EJ should have the survival instincts not to go agains the Reclamation. I think it’s more likely some people from the (less) select neighbourhood… or maybe some of the Doves’ girls… then again, this is Templar, and my guesses have been 100% wrong before. :-P

  6. Seriously, does everyone in Rec else but Barney and Numbers talk like a textbook? “You’ll need to utilize the building’s rear exit.” Seriously, who ever talks like that? Well, aside from a lawyer… o_O

    1. Cops and security workers tend to get like that too; I’d guess this guy either used to work as one or he’s trying to sound like he did.

  7. It would make sense that Rec has a lot of lawyers, considering that they probably have to deal a lot with real estate law. They probably have a good number of home inspectors and engineers for that matter, and in my experience both of those professions are prone to loquacious circumlocution on the job.

  8. I don’t think I like the way Mr. Reclamation Youth uses the word “locals”.

    If our unseen shouter is Sunny, he probably considers “you ugly fuck” to be a term of endearment.

  9. Spike had mentioned, if I recall, that she couldn’t do an ex for Barney because it would spoil something. Perhaps we’re going to see what that was about.

    Besides, I don’t think Biggs is in a position to go anywhere (unless EJ already returned to him), and EJ probably wouldn’t have come with company (the “it’s him” line makes me think this is a group, not a loner).

  10. “Barney John, you ugly fuck”. Finally, a greeting that perfectly walks the line between chummy and furious. Can’t wait to see who these “locals” happen to be.
    And it’s no wonder John doesn’t take his handlers seriously if they say things like “utilize the back entrance”…

  11. It’s not Sunny and it’s not Biggs. The only way it could be Sunny is if he was out for whores and just found out that his favorite, uh, “rest stop” is closed. It’s kind of unlikely.
    Biggs is currently working on stealing from Dr. Bash and not dying from his habit.
    But we know that the Doves hate Rec and that they won’t put up with it. Right now they seem most likely to be at the root of something like this.
    Of course, it’s Spike. So surprises can always happen.

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