Toymaking: Let’s make resin satyrs.

In case you don’t follow my Twitter, I’ve recently decided to have a go at making a run of designer resin toys.

I have a whole themed line planned, but my first mistake-riddled, feel-free-to-fuck-up, cherry-popping, throwaway project is a satyr.

I work on him on weekends, when I’m not doing TAZ. This is what he looks like right now; click for piss-poor iPhone turnaround photos.

He’s got a core of armature wire wrapped around wadded-up tinfoil; it keeps him reasonably light, and less likely to crack when he’s baked. Over the tinfoil and wire, which established his basic body shape, went a layer of Super Sculpey. And over that, I’ve been bulking him out and sculpting on the details with Super Sculpey Firm.

He’s been baked about six times so far; I bake him every time I’m happy with a few hours of work. After baking, I usually sand down any minor imperfections with 400 grit sandpaper, then buff the sanded bit with flannel.

He’s about seven inches tall, five inches wide (arm span included), and a weekend from being finished. When he’s done, he’ll get one last bake, sand, and buff, be coated with primer, and I’ll start on the second big step; casting copies of him in resin.

I hope you buy one.

Discussion (6)¬

  1. KoryBing says:

    Oh jeeze. This guy looks awesome. It makes me want to take another crack at sculpy! How much do you think these guys will cost when they’re up for sale? I may be interested in buying one.

  2. pinglederry says:

    *gasp* Where’s his junk? You promised us prime satyr peen!

  3. Rabbit says:


    He’s pretty cute for an amputee.

  4. Kurt says:

    Hah! It /does/ look like Tom Waits!