48 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, Cover.”

  1. Oh man, I kinda hope the prostitwins are actual characters. Because really, Templar is seriously lacking in casual nudity. For reals.

  2. Wow, poor Elliot. The guy looks so tramatized by whats going on. I can just imagine him thinking “I’m not looking, I’m not looking, I am NOT going to look. I will NOT look at the woman’s nipple.”

  3. Somehow I don’t think Elliott #2 is gonna be traumatized by this. Or by anything, short of a knife in his back.

    Of course my immediate thoughts upon seeing this cover were 1) BOOBIE and 2) Where’s Reagan?

  4. Yeah I’m not reading trauma so much as a “let’s get this over with” expression. Resigned and embarassed maybe?

    Ohboyohboyohboy new chapter!

  5. The pale blonde man and woman look like mannequins to me (yes, there ARE mannequins with verrry disturbingly detailed bodies), but the fact that the female one seems to have its hand on EJ’s arm might mean it’s an actual person. If so, kudos to you for including a twink model in the comic. :D

    1. contrapasto is a pretty common pose, but yeah, Now I see it.
      Think he fills out his clothes a little better though. =o

  6. You guys heard the news that one of the legal brothels in Nevada is going to hire two male prostitutes to service, uh, whoever wants male prostitutes. Somehow this cover made me think of that.

    1. Other males, usually.

      Y’know these two look like they’re for auction with those number tags, not so much just streetwalking. I wonder what exactly’s goin’ on…

        1. Oooh could be. There is a dove on the girl’s butt there.

          But dare we speculate as to the meaning of the “No gears” tattoo on the lad?

          1. I’m assuming its an anti-reclamation message, considering Barney John’s crew royally pissed off the doves by trying to reclaim a property owned by the prostitutin’ community (in “Meet the Elliots” and “Stick to beat the devil with”).

            Just speculation.

          2. You’d think tattoos, especially political ones, would hurt sales, too. At least if you’re an expensive nice-looking whore and not one of the ones who looks like somebody’s mom gone to seed.

    1. Forms to become an official Oarlock prostitute? Something tells me the doves aren’t exactly pleased with, er, “freelancers”.

  7. His ”Gay” way of making money is posing for art, juxtaposed with people made to look pristine and clean as a statement of… Something…

  8. It almost looks like the pro’s are trying to shield or protect him…. EJ does seem particularly vulnerable, which is funny considering he’s juxtaposed next to two near-nude professional prostitutes.

    Well done, Spike. :)

  9. Nekkid art usually makes me shy, but for some reason, I can’t stop staring at them. They’re so.. pale and pink and oddly beautiful. And I usually have a thing against the stereotypical blonde with blue eyes. o.o

  10. I’ll take the blonde..as a lesbian I also like to think of myself as a bisexual man in a female body…but I’m always the top, don’t no one forget. I love little EJ all awkward in the middle x3

  11. [SPOILER]
    Oh my god, is this cover foreshadowing EJ’s eye injury at the end of the chapter? He’s even covering the same eye that gets injured later.

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