Intermission: Employee Appreciation, page 4

Intermission: Employee Appreciation, page 4

Oh, Heather Anne, we love how you’re not a dumb hick like we assumed you’d be.

By the way, can you write us some dumb hick articles for our magazine?

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  1. blaze says:

    C’mon, dance for our entertainment! Dance, monkey, dance!

  2. Tiff Hudson says:


  3. Mary says:

    Those three don’t have the sense God gave dirt, bless their little hearts.
    Evil, twisted, condescending little hearts.

  4. Dora says:

    I really don’t think I’d be devastated if PaPa Smurf didn’t approve of my style choices.

    Darn it, there is nothing wrong with folksy wisdom!

    • Brigid Keely says:

      At first I thought “style guide” was a fashion thing, but now I think it’s a “this is the style/format articles must be in to be submitted” thing. Which, if she WANTS to be published, she needs to know.

      • Antiquated Tory says:

        Any company for which you have to write stuff has a style guide, though the level of detail in house styles varies considerably.

  5. Like the “Ugh, the s**t I have to put up with…” face she’s got in the first panel. I’ve had to wear that face far too many times to be good for my mental health. Truth be told, rolling with it MAY be less troublesome than laying waste to whoever is causing you a problem…but is it REALLY WORTH IT?!

    Honestly, I don’t think I could have repressed my urge to choke people beyond “We have city lunches, they’re in restaurants” I have a hard time imagining anything more purely obnoxious someone could say.

    • literatehyaena says:

      I’m not gonna lie, while it would probably be out of character for her… I would not begrudge her the moment at all if she smacked them in the teeth.

      I’ve worn that face an awful lot myself.

    • Sammie says:

      I have to agree. I LOVE the face she is making. I would not begrudge her if she up and smacked all three of the slime balls, though it would be rather out of her character.

  6. Wood says:

    Are these guys :

    a. completely high

    b. Just dumb and condescending

    c. Pretending to be friendly and condescending while actually thinking they’re being sarcastic.

  7. Dengarde says:

    I think I understand this weird slang now.

    And is it just me, or do Waldo’s eyes look like nipples?

  8. Kat says:

    I love love love the line “Holy shit I would LOVE somme folksy wisdom!” – possibly because she is delivering it as if it is blowing her mind.

    I think, actually, that these guys *are* on something but I suspect that it is perfectly normal for them – well, that glasses girl anyway – to be on something in the afternoon. Every day when she goes lunching she has a little pick-me-up to help her stay FOCUSED and part of the TEAM and she LOVES her job … and every night she drinks to ease the pain.

    • Holaved says:

      I will be very surprised and a little scared if you are wrong.

      Scared, because if you are, that means her life’ll be frightens-animals-by-walking-past creepy instead, absolutely no stops at ‘vaguely unsettling’.

  9. Elk says:

    Poor Morgan, having to deal with condescending people. I work for my campus’ newspaper, and I am glad not to have too many of these kinds of workers in my job.

  10. Ivan the Terrible Poster says:

    oh good lord is that her boss

  11. Second panel translation:
    “Get the hell away from me. And why are you touching my shoulder?”

    At least she has full network privileges now.

    Extra word in the last panel: “Those are the rules you you need…” Sorry to be that guy. :(

    Also, beard guy’s eyes freak me right the fuck out.

    • Kat says:

      “Extra word in the last panel: “Those are the rules you you need…”

      Good catch. I read it three times and never noticed. I’m sure that Spike would rather hear about that now rather than after the next book goes to print.

  12. twentynine says:

    Lav. Menace? Callin’ it now guys: Morgan is totally a Diesel player. Each of her freckles is actually a tattoo representing a man she’s KILLED.

  13. ohtar says:

    I know this kinda of sarcasm well. <_<

  14. Dotcom says:

    Hmmm… Web admin?

  15. Hanna says:

    Nice to know EJ isn’t the only character I can wish nasty things to happen… those three just shot to the head of the queue to wait for execution with EJ.

  16. Prof says:

    This attitude is what you often get in the magazine business… not all, but for a lot of mags you have to “live” the “lifestyle” of the magazine to work there. (Case in point: “Devil Wears Prada”) If these three clowns are any indication of the title they work for, I would never want to read Pandorea.

  17. RV says:

    Aw I like them. They’re dumb but I think they really *are* trying to tell her (in a very backhanded way) that they adore her.

  18. patrick says:

    Morgan’s getting published? this is something that will be significant later, yes?

  19. Greg Stolze says:

    “Here’s some folksy wisdom! It’s like a zen koan only, y’know all NEBRASKA an’ shit! You ready? Here goes. What did the five fingers say to the face?”


    “You enlightened yet?”


  20. Jen Aside says:

    Hey Spike, have you heard of this guy? TINY ASS HOUSES

  21. Tod Stiles, ex-weatherman member says:

    I really really really want something bad to happen to all of these people. Especially the dude with the smurf hat. Can’t we have EJ assault all three of them? And I don’t mean sexually assault . . . well, yes, I do, actually.

    • Hanna says:

      Maybe the dark-haired woman is the daughter of doctor Bash, so that when she goes home for the night, the Elliots happen? :-D

      • Bremma says:

        I don’t think so. As Bash noted, his daughter had an interest in the ~SCIENCES~, which spacey “holy shit folksy wisdom” girl is not striking me as.

  22. Dotcom says:

    That’s true. That is how things often go in publishing. If you work in for an advertising firm it can even be worse. Never had I met so many creatively dressed people when I was doing ad design for Weight Watchers and Cover Girl… I also never met so many assholes.

  23. Cyanmanta says:

    Given that Spike has never created a completely unlikable character, one of two things must be true about this scene:
    1) These people are drunk and/or high.
    2) We will never see these people again.

  24. CitrusFreak says:

    Troll girl in last panel now makes me think of a troll/smurf crossed with anything drawn by Kate Beaton.

    • Ubik says:

      See, I can’t help but see Gnome Woman as anything other than Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter books. But that could be because I just finished reading them last week.

  25. Jack says:

    Hey Spike, you’ve got a spelling error.
    Last panel reads… “Those are the rules YOU YOU need to follow to get published.”
    Optically, you miss it 99 times out of 100! Great strip, positively infuriating Cities.

  26. ThunderGun says:


  27. Alatriste says:

    Must… refreain from… punching… monitor!!!

    For some reason the guy and the girl remember me of characters from Dr. Seuss.

  28. DCB says:

    …I really wanna knock off Waldo’s hat.

  29. Twiggy says:

    I’m from Nebraska, I’ve lived most of my life in Nebraska, and this is one of the reasons I’m scared to move out of the state… I promise you, just because our cities of a half-million people aren’t as close together as your cities of a half-million people does not give us “folksy wisdom.” Also, using “city” as an adjective is SO city. Also using “lunch” as a verb. Oh wait. it’s not “city.” It’s MORONIC.

  30. Arsnof says:

    “Never park yer tractor on th’ north side of a south-bound rattlesnake” “Cow milk white? Farmer’s delight. Cow milk red? Farmer stay in bed.” “Ya gotta pick th’ corn by hand, not ear.”

  31. scalesandfins says:

    What’s that in her inbox? Lavender Menace, it just struck me, is the best drag/performer name ever. Please let this be a person, and not a fashion article header.

  32. Carapace says:

    See, I love that at least two of these people are enthusiastically sincere. I can’t tell if the third is being all Mean Girl, or is just reaaaallly stoned. Look at those pupils!

    Actually, don’t look at those pupils. On any of them. Yipes.

    I feel compelled, as someone on an actual ranch, to come up with Folksy Wisdom now. Ummm…always shake out your boots before you put them on! Because seriously, scorpions and things.
    Also, save your bacon fat.

    I SO hope Morgan starts folksing out on them. Yeehaw!

  33. climbsquickly says:

    Urge to kill rising. Dalek Prime Directive(modified): destroy all irritating carbon-based life forms. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

  34. Roland says:

    When harvesting your egg plants you should hold ‘em ‘gainst a light source to see if there’s a biddy in it.

  35. Alex says:

    True story: I had a dream that Morgan concluded this encounter by stabbing one of the women in the cheek with a whistle, and then it turned out she was in the army. The intermission ended with her holding some kind of weapon and standing triumphant over the girl, clutching her face.

    …I hope she doesn’t do that, though.

    Dang it, Spike, tell your comic to get out of my subconscious.

  36. Jena says:

    I thought Mean Girl was setting her up by giving her full network privileges. I think the other two are dippily sincere – I’ve encountered exactly that sort of gushing condescension when telling people in San Francisco that I’m from North Carolina. The ability to display ennui on demand doesn’t make you an interesting person.

    Also: I don’t remember Morgan at all. Must spend a day lovingly re-reading the archives.

  37. Jmonkey says:

    “Holly shit would i love some folksy wisdom!” That just defines the most obnoxious aspects of hipsterdom to me.