Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 89

So that’s how they know each other. Huh. But I guess it shouldn’t be surprising a guy like Gordon has attempted a little self-medication, now and again.

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25 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 89”

    1. EJ’s pride looks unconditionally intact to me, he doesn’t take shit from anyone and that’s cool but I must clarify that his demeanor suggests a not-so-sane notion of pride, this is where he’s Pippi-like.

      Why would be he bipolar though? (In reponse to Cyanmanta), while he seems to Hulk up when he feels like he can really stand up for something (vs. Jackie) or himself (vs. Gordon), he did change his mind after assessing the gun situation.

      In short, he’s not clinically messed up but he’s incredibly temperamental and socially miscalibrated, I’d say he’s between 17-23 in that he acts “grown-up” enough to go toe-to-toe with people but still not able to grasp the big picture and someone has to remind him (Biggs is officially the first junkie aiming for sainthood).

    2. EJ’s got enough pride to fly a blimp with. He doesn’t need any more damn pride. If he has more pride than you, heave a sigh of relief.

    1. Oh cool, I did not notice the sticker. I need to observe the comic more closely. I miss a lot of things that people point out in the comments.

    2. I am excited beyond belief right now. Right now, all of the possibilities in Templar’s culture just hit when I noticed that sticker.
      It would be spectacular to see a Cooks vs. Jakes brawl. Or maybe the Jakes are the Cooks in some crazy-ass conspiracy way.
      Ok, yeah, the latter was far-fetched as hell. No clue where it came from BUT NOW IS A TIME FOR WILD SPECULATION.
      …Oh god. Where is my brain going? Some part of me leaped to “hilariously bad BiggsxEJ fanfiction”
      Someone stop me before I start thinking that Tuesday is just a hallucination of Curio’s or something like that.

  1. I noticed right away, but thought it was a hole cut into the glass, which would be hard to do and demand an explanation. On second look, it’s just a sticker.

  2. Is it possible EJ is actually bipolar? It’s moments and facial expressions like this last panel that suggest to me that he does, in fact, have two extreme emotional states and not just one. That, and some of the faces he made at the beginning of this chapter, back at the wethouse. I’m no psychologist, though.

    1. He hates everyone except Biggs? He isn’t all that great at interpersonal relationships but obviously doesn’t like to see Biggs hurt/harassed/humiliated, even though it happens all the time. That’s been the source of most of the dumb shit we’ve seen him do.

      1. I think you’re right; he SAYS a lot of stupid things unprovoked, but every stupid thing he DOES seems to be triggered when someone messes with Biggs or Biggs’ stuff.

  3. Bipolar is more long-range mood swings. EJ is more like Borderline Personality Disorder, seems to me. Cut and paste: “Borderline personality disorder is a condition in which a person makes impulsive actions, and has an unstable mood and chaotic relationships.” … He’s pretty impulsive and emotional!

  4. Just had a couple of thoughts about Gordon that I havn’t seen posted elsewhere.

    I think Gordon goes to Kingdom Come to get yelled at by Reagan. I think that it comforts him that someone can yell at him instead of cower; and that it may even be comforting to him that someone sees him as a creepy, wanna-be sex offender instead of the creepy, dead inside, child soldier.

  5. Hey, if that “gun” can only fire one bullet at a time…

    Doesn’t that make it as useless as a derringer? Or a pistol from, what, the 1800s?

    For some reason I am more interested in the gun on this page.

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