26 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 52”

  1. Olive + Cream Cheese AND Moze’s Dick? I think Spike is trying to trump the Sandwich of The Damned from chapter one.

  2. I think she is cringing because Moze just HAS to smell and taste completely awful. How is it that he is offensive to every sense and yet I still love him?

  3. Okay, I thought all the Chimera Colas up until now sounded tasty. But… Olive & Cream Cheese? WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?

    Also: Awww, “Smerp.”

  4. Hopefully Moze’s ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude can penetrate that thick skull. Or can at least make Tuesday realize that ignoring Nicky would be the biggest comeback she could come up with.

    1. There ya go. You leave out Nicky, get on with better things, and let Nicky stew in his own juices. A lot of conflicts are best left behind (and flushed, I might add).

  5. IS she cringing? It looks more like she’s trying to make him look her in the eye and take her seriously, mainly because she takes herSELF so seriously, and oh, my gawd, how can he not be getting this? I think she’s trying to stare him down like she does with other people (Curio?) and she’s frustrated it’s just like water off a duck’s back to him.

    I can’t wait to see if what Moze wants to show her is sweet or horrifying.

  6. If there’s a person capable of hating Moze and meaning it, then there are people that I do not want to be around, because how can you NOT love Moze?

  7. No! Wrong! Nuffin’! NUFFIN’!

    I still love everything you do and I just had to explain to a professor (I’m a PhD student working for her) why my Phineas Rage shirt was hilarious.

  8. were did you learn to draw naked portly men? have you been filming me when i bum around the house naked. jk I am amazed and horrified though.

  9. Gotta love the ENTIRE PAGE.
    Also, judging by the decorative facade and the design on the cupboards, this is Moze’s… nest.

  10. I was going to guess that “smerp” is a cousin to the “smeerp” kissing sound employed by Walt Kelly, but the Google tells us that “smeerp” itself is some sort of sci-fi/fantasy writers’ slang term. Who knew? Anyhows, d’awwwww, manboobs.

  11. It just occurred to me that Moze chugged that entire soda in the time it took Tuesday to speak the first two panels of dialogue.

  12. Heeey, thanks for the picture you drew for my brother for me at ACen! It’s currently in a place of awesome on our mantel while I think of something appropriate sweeeet to do with it.
    (He was the tall skinny blond guy possibly dressed as Lupin the Third who went “oh hey my sister reads this,” by the way.)

  13. I just love Moze’s attitude and philosophy on life. Definitely someone I’d hang with. Tuesday – not so sure.

  14. I wonder if she wears body makeup while on air. Since she does it nude and she dances the harsh lights could pick up any little thing. HD even more.

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