14 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 33”

  1. I like how smoothly the entertainment/media/etc is worked into the story. There’s good excuses for shows to come up a couple of times, and you get a real feeling for what each show is generally about. And, again, the shows serve a plot or character reason, every time they come up.

    1. Cutting away to the TV show seems like a really good choice. There’s also some suspense now in wondering about what happened after the last scene at the dock/boardwalk/whatever-that-was.

  2. It’s probably not that the police didn’t have any witnesses. It’s that when they heard the description of a whistling gang of bald, half-dressed, knife-wielding cultists like the Jakes they couldn’t tell whether it was a credible statement or a bad drug trip.

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