5 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 4”

  1. I love how we are immediately presented with imagery supporting Tuesday’s point of view on wet houses.

    The addict furthest left in the last panel reminds me of Ben. Yanno, like…. Ben in either 10 years or 5 months of meth use.

    1. No, Tuesday asked the person she was interviewing to name one good thing the Mariahs did and the interviewee said wet houses.

  2. Man, I’ve seen shit like that in the gutter waste down on 10th, haha. Sad shit. They walk across the street there to the dealers and go back to the shelter. Every mercy is another tolerance of gross incompetence regarding human capacity.

  3. I wonder if they offer treatment? I wonder if the Black Mariahs simply furnished houses for them to use? Rather like how “Mother” Teresa only furnished places for people to suffer an die with little medical care in our world.

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