15 thoughts on “03.0×098”

  1. I have to wonder. . . is Scipio still a virgin? He doesn’t seem to know how to relate to either gender in a sexual way. Or else his chicken isn’t just a pet. XD

    1. Scipio is uncomfortable with himself and everyone else. That’s why he relates to philosophies oriented around escapism and a pet that could never relate to anything resembling sentience.

    2. he was quite explicit about never having dated Curio, that it was just sex. And don’t forget AAAmber, Reagan’s favourite.

  2. I get that Scip is a big guy…. but I’m never quite sure how big. Sometimes he seems slightly above averae, and other times huge. Kinda want a frim size in inches for a referance point, or something.

    1. Part of that is how often he’s set up against Reagan. He’s about a head taller than her, which makes him seem just big, but then you remember that Reagan is like 6′ herself. Scip is quite large, like 6’6″ at least.

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