Discussion (11)¬

  1. Hanna says:

    “It’s to show boys”. . . riiight. Show them so they have to pay you afterwards?

  2. AlmostLiterally says:

    “To be completely honest, I’m not comfortable with any.” LOL

  3. wirrit says:

    Her what license? Oh really? -Just- to show boys? I’m a boy…

    • wirrit says:

      …Man, there was totally something in angle-brackets in that post, and it got eaten as html code. Pretend the boy from across the lobby said the line in my last post.


  4. Pearle says:

    Man, how old are these girls? Young enough that they need to call the parents, but old enough to get an Escort License?

  5. O.o says:

    THE most disturbing comic I have read in my whole life

  6. Hespa says:

    Hah – second read-through, I just twigged that this is Antoinette, the “basically an invertebrate” whose ability to finish the whoring course was mentioned by Tuesday at the start of chapter 2. This is why I love re-reading – the little things you spot!

  7. NocturnalOwl says:

    Hey, is that the cook guy that ben helped?