Discussion (10)¬

  1. Roar Comics says:

    “Relentless Coffee”.
    that is the best thing ever!!

  2. The Woot says:

    … is.. is that a viking?

    • Hanna says:

      It’s a viking, yes, but whether it’s for cosplay or Ren-fair or something else, we don’t know. Heck, there are people wearing odder things on the streets of Templar. XD

      • AlmostLiterally says:

        It escaped from the cereal factory.

        • Kysec says:

          I’ve been going on the assumption that when the Vikings made it to North America in the Templar universe, they stayed, and ended up slugging it out with the Indians long before the rest of Europe came over. Vikings instead of cowboys in the cultural mythology.

          ‘Course, I’m basing this off nothing but the cereal box.

          And that kinda doesn’t explain why Feather would still call them “Indians:” as far as I know, eleventh-century Norskers didn’t know about the Indian subcontinent to be able to mistake America for it.

          Then again, maybe Columbus still showed up later on….

          • Minivet says:

            I think you’re projecting in what you want; try “Wheels of If” if you haven’t already. If the Vikings had stayed (even if Columbus came after), I don’t think there would have been Presidents Andrew Jackson and Jimmy Carter.

            I’m pretty sure the Viking is a Pastime.

          • Emma says:

            There are still people who call them Indians even in this world. I assumed that she was talking about people from India, but I guess they could be considered Asian by the Jakes (and that’s the only way I can fit the Americas into their beliefs)

  3. I’d ask if it was weird to have almost-naked kids begging on the street, but after all, this is Templar.

  4. Dizzy says:

    The Jakes remind me of Hare Krishnas…

  5. Nunucachoo says:

    It was different for Ben, because Bash completely triggered his adoptive father reflex.