Discussion (10)¬

  1. divastarz63 says:

    What a u-turn.

  2. coldheart7 says:

    just like a lot of mothers i’ve seen honestly. not to cast a bad light but i’m afraid i’ve never met anyone who wasn’t two-faced at some point in their lives

  3. TerryCat says:

    Love the last panel. Poor zora is NOT impressed. And she doesn’t want them hurting her dad or her friends

  4. Darc Discordia says:

    Of all the characters in this comic, Feather’s the only one who genuinely frightens me. Hell, she’s one of the only characters in anything who does.

  5. redo19 says:

    I rofled at “ben can’t whistle.”

  6. Clare says:

    If Feather bothered to ask Zora about Ben, she might get some useful information (except that Zora hates Feather now).

  7. Jason Thorn says:

    Smile for the uninitiated, and don’t say what you really feel until the infidels are gone.