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  1. I don’t blame her. I was that kid, I’d be thinking of revenge right about now.
    It’s possible that’s why the guy’s a bit on the uh, mellow side. What with the Crazy Culty Ghost Juice and all.

    1. No child contemplates revenge that seriously. I take it more as protectiveness and a sudden onset of distrust in those she previously considered kin. Gene seems happy enough though, which is perhaps more disconcerting.

      1. I don’t know what you were like as a kid, but kids definitely can “contemplate revenge seriously.” Kids can be vicious bastards. It’s (part of) why they need so many years of socializing before they’re considered “adult”.

        That said, I think you’re right that this is more shattered-trust than thoughts of vengeance. Poor Zora. I want to see her and Gene get out of this safe…

      2. Got news for you, children are not only capable of contemplating revenge, they’re also unflinching in making it happen. The only difference is that they show less restraint because they’re not real good and contemplating consequences…which makes it worse.

        Trust me, anyone’s who’s been through or in junior high or high school now don’t have to look too deeply to find evidence of this.

    1. It’s a child hugging their abused parent too retarded to notice. The child is filled with sudden distrust, that in that sense can only reflect on their view of the world in general, and the father doesn’t even know he’s been wronged. It disgusts me.

      1. Dude, I think you’re wrong. Gene looks mischievous in the last panel, and that implies to me that he knows more than he seems to. He doesn’t like this any more than Zora does, but he’s still loyal enough to go along with it – at least for now.

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