Chapter 2 Intermission: Meet the Elliotts, page 5

Chapter 2 Intermission: Meet the Elliotts, page 5

Discussion (10)¬

  1. Rabbit says:

    Works? WHAT ARE WORKS.

  2. Chris says:


  3. Observer says:

    I think “works” in this case is an abbreviated exhortation. “Focus on the works of Reclamation,” of which kicking the Elliotts out is one.

  4. Bob says:

    Think what you like, but “works” is pretty clearly being used in the “drug paraphernalia” sense here.

  5. Minivet says:

    The best part is, this means they logged his possession of the kit when he moved in.

  6. Chipmunk says:

    Somehow I think the “New York Jew” thing is a reference to Bernie Madoff.

    • Filthy Pazuzu says:

      ‘New York Jew’ means a lawyer, not a scam artist.
      (Although, an argument could be made that they are one and the same.)

      • anonymous says:

        That argument could not be made, unless you were making a blanket statement about an entire group of individuals…but I’m sure you are much too intelligent to do that.

  7. redo19 says:

    I’m wondering what that “whump” was all about.