Discussion (12)¬

  1. Unknown says:

    Zora takes after her father apparently.

  2. Noxy says:

    scipio’s expression here needs to be an avatar or something.

  3. Mary says:

    I make people do that expression all the time. It makes me very happy.

  4. NFG says:

    Gene is just such unadulterated and constant, in process win.

    …and by the way, where did Curio take herself off to?

    • ABYSchan says:

      Probably home, to curl up in front of her narrowband with a pint of icecream to pout and cry for the rest of the night.

  5. HappyAbomination says:

    I just absolutely live Scipio’s wide-eyed moments lol they always make me physically laugh, prompting odd looks from people, but still, they’re awesome and always perfectly timed for hilarity.

  6. Ben should put a chair in front of that wallet

  7. Chris says:

    Gene has his eye on the prize.

  8. Vron says:

    The last panel gets me every time. LOVE those eyes.