20 thoughts on “02.0×058”

  1. “Just Lying There” oh god and it’s #7 too. “Here’s this girl – I found her on the ground!” I mean Jesus, she looks like a corpse.

    1. Yes, she looks just like a corpse. It’s almost as if she was a member of the deceased.

      But of course, I say… almost.

      1. Say hello to the necrophilia fetish. Some actually risk death by lowering their body temperature so they can seem dead to necrophiliacs.

  2. I love this page. Simple as that. Scip falling apart at the seams, Ray holding up twisted porn like Rorschach blots, Ben totally non-plussed. Perfect.

  3. I just have to say that I read that as “chicks SHITTING on birthday cakes” which made me about 10x more grossed out than I needed to be.

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