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  1. I have a condition where I’m unable to tell a lie, but there’s still, you know, holding your peace or, as the kids call it, tact. I’m guessing the Sincerists don’t believe in that.

    1. Well, it’s one of those things that you would think, but not say… unless you were a Sincerist. They say what they’re thinking.

      It’s probably very freeing, but after eight or nine years of doing that, you probably lose most of your social graces.

  2. Spike, you should do more of these intermissions to help explain the different subcultures and fringe cultures in Templar!

  3. I don’t think her face is all that bad. She actually looks pretty cute when she’s not scowling, like in those two middle panels.

    Her *attitude* is atrocious, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sincerists were one of those groups people hate to deal with.

  4. Groups like that are basically just an excuse to be an asshole. I went to a “retreat” (in some guy’s house) where one guy pretended to really like one of the other girls ’til she put out, then just ignored her. Even though we were all staying there 24/7. She expressed her anger in group, but no one called him out for being a dick, because that’s his “truth”. They did help her “beat out her anger” on the punching bag – I suggested they substitute his face as I was walking out the door.

  5. There is a difference between just telling the truth and what my mother called “being judicious with the truth.”

    The truth can be a weapon. Its veracity is not the issue, but its INTENT. It can be helpful if properly used, and it can wound or even kill if abused.

  6. I can’t tell you how many time honesty screwed me. Lost a job once over it. If we were truthful at all times it would be bedlum.

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