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    1. Yeah, I’ve been feeling the ‘what the fuck?’ but it’s been about all the small details, and it’s now starting to bring those details to relevance. It’s a tricky and well-thought-out plot device.

  1. Bought chap. 1 as a book, but enjoy following along on the web, for the extras and especially these comments.

  2. reading through for the second or third time, here. before, i was just “okay, poisonous river dust, alternate reality, yeah.”
    however! fun fact: (which i just found out a few months ago, with my father moving to the “stinking desert” in between phoenix and tucson)
    in southern arizona, it’s actually a pretty good idea to wear a dust mask if you’re going to be outside much, particularly in summer. aside from just the unpleasantness of being in a dusty desert bowl with pretty much constant high winds (see the ridiculous wildfires they’ve had this spring), the dust there carries a fun little fungus that is easily breathed in and causes what they call “valley fever.” does bad bad things, and is notoriously difficult to treat/get rid of.

  3. These days of radical climate change the deserts are expanding all over the world and dangers from sand storms are greater than ever. You don’t want to be choking when one blasts through. This is a great comic. Trying to figure out some of the deviances from our own world. Some goes back to Rome is obvious but how different?

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